Four Simple Reasons Why You’re Not Seeing Results

Last weekend, a client of mine stopped me mid-conversation and said, “I see the scale, and I am overwhelmed with discouragement and frustration.” We have been working together for over three months, diligently, inside and outside of the gym. Yet, despite their commitment to both personal training and nutrition services, nothing has changed. Time and […]

Client of the Week – Audrey

I decided to work with Justin five months ago to gain control of my health and to become overall healthier and stronger. I saw the success stories of his training and I knew he was the one I had to work with. As a breast cancer survivor and having gone through surgery and treatment it […]

Client of the Week – Chris

I started training at Jada Blitz about three months ago after being dissatisfied with my own workout routines. I was new to the area and a friend highly recommended Jada. My initial consultation was with Justin who gathered some basic background information then put me through a ten minute trial workout, which was more challenging […]

Drop Those Sets

What is a drop set? Drop sets don’t physically mean you drop a set off your workout flow. A drop set is when you perform an exercise with heavy weights until you hit or almost hit failure, then you drop some weight and continue for more repetitions with the lower poundage. Why should you incorporate […]

Client of the Week – Richard Raffule

I joined Jada Blitz about 4 months ago after learning about the great success that one of my friends had training with Justin online. My friend and I had a long discussion about nutrition and he introduced me to the concept of macro-nutrients. I was a bit skeptical due to always believing that calorie restriction […]

Do you do deficits?

Maybe you’ve heard the term “deficit” floating around at the gym, but do you really know what that word means or why it’s important to occasionally mix it in your routine? A deficit deadlift is created when you stand on a weight plate or short platform—think those colored plates used for deadlifts in the “leg […]