Counting Macros Vs. Intuitive Eating

Comparing Philosophies: IIFYM & The Intuitive Eating Approach I feel like everytime I visit a website that is related to eating, fitness, health, or wellness, I come across an ad attempting to suck me into the next up-and-coming diet trend that has everyone raving. I’m going to assume, on behalf of all my readers, that […]

Client of the Week – Mike R

About a year ago as life got busier my workouts and nutrition really started to lack.  I didn’t have any motivation to get to the gym.  I had a friend tell me about Justin and Jada Blitz.   The first time I walked in, I knew this would give me the motivation and push to get […]

Client of the Week – Mike

Thank you to the Jada Blitz family and my trainer Adam for recognizing me as the COTW. Taking care of myself and working out had become less of a priority as I reached my late thirties. Workouts became less frequent  over time with decreased intensity. I told myself I no longer had the time or […]

Client of the Week – Sondra

I started training at Jada Blitz exactly two years ago when I found out I was pregnant with my first baby. I needed guidance on proper workout techniques to use while pregnant. My goal was to maintain a healthy regimen that helped me reach my fitness goals while also ensuring I wasn’t doing anything to harm […]

Client of the Week – Jeff

My journey to Jada Blitz started because I am getting married in the summer. I have also been working out on my own for a few years with a very primal workout routine. I have seen results on my own but my weight has gone up and down too frequently. I needed help to create […]

Client of the Week – Lisa

My fitness journey began when I finally made the decision to meet with Stephanie to get started on a fitness program and begin training with her.  I have struggled with my weight and making bad food choices for awhile now, especially as I get older.  I have known Stephanie for a long time and follow […]