April Fools Day

April 1 is the only day of the entire year where you have the utmost permission to play innocent jokes on your friends and family…and get away with it. While there are some who can’t stand April Fools Day because they always get it GOOD, and others who literally count down the days until they get to see the face of someone who was hit HARD, everyone deserves to have a little fun at least one day of the year! Keep in mind that it’s those subtle pranks that usually play out really well if pulled off correctly.

Sure there’s always the reusable pranks like placing saran warp over the toilet seat in the morning, dropping a fake spider in a cup of orange juice or milk, or swapping out toothpaste for white paint, but we have a few fitness-themed pranks that we are sure will get your prankee GOOD.


  • Soak their running socks in water. Keep one pair hidden so you can give it to them to actually use once they get really upset.
  • Hide only the left foot of all of their running shoes.
  • Replace their favorite Dri-FIT or moisture-wicking clothing items with cotton clothes.
  • Map out their daily run and find an ideal time to spray them with water.


  • Put baseball cards in the spokes of their wheels.
  • Let the air out of their tires before their daily ride, but have the pump ready after you share a good laugh.
  • Swap their energy chews with Starburst.
  • Hide their training helmets and leave out only the aero one.
  • Fill their swim cap with baby powder, lotion or any other humorous substance you can think of.

Fitness Junkies

  • Replace their protein powder with flour.
  • Swap the pre-workout powder with the post.
  • Override their workout playlist with only Michael Bolton tracks.
  • Put a fake spider in their pre-workout powder.
  • If you know their padlock code, move the gear from their locker at the gym into a different one while they’re working out.
    (courtesy of Active.com)

Have fun on April Fools Day, but watch your own back after pulling one of these tricks!

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