4 Tips to Surviving Thanksgiving

For many of us who are working towards a healthier and fitter version of ourselves, the thought of racking up a billion calories during Thanksgiving dinner is enough to put us into a panic. However, by making smart choices while indulging a little, it is possible to enjoy the holiday without regret. The family at Jada Blitz has written you some survival strategies for the holiday.

  1. Don’t skip on meals on the day of the big feast, start your day off the right way- with breakfast! Many people make the mistake of “saving” their calories in preparation for a heavy dinner. It may make sense in theory, but usually you will feel famished by the time dinner hits the table. When you are hungry, you usually make poor food choices and opt for bigger portions. You can end up taking in more calories than if you had just eaten normally during the day in the first place.
  2. Increase your calorie budget with extra exercise Most of us have the day off from work, which means we have more than enough time in the morning to get in a workout. Use this opportunity to participate in the Turkey Trot in downtown Buffalo or taking part in our special Thanksgiving Group Fitness class at Jada Blitz! By burning calories early in the day, you have more wiggle room for extra calories for dinner without the restriction of skipping meals. When you exercise and are doing something good for yourself, you are less likely to eat a second slice of pie. It wouldn’t make sense to do all of that hard work for nothing.
  3. Indulge in healthy options White turkey meat is one of the best protein choices that you can pick! It is low in calories and a great source of protein without the added fat. Help yourself to a big salad and lots of steamed or roasted vegetables. If you are worried about what will be prepared by your host, contribute to the feast by preparing part of the meal yourself and bringing it along with you. Also, remember the 80/20 rule by filling your plate with the healthy stuff. Then treat yourself to small portions of the decadent dishes that you look forward to all year long. You won’t overdo the calories but you will not feel deprived.
  4. Clean up some holiday favorites If you use an online search engine, it is easy to find cleaned-up recipes of your favorite recipes that are usually high in calories, like your mom’s sweet potato casserole.

Still need some motivation to stick to your get-fit resolutions? Wear a tight, form-fitting outfit that makes you feel great! When you feel confident you will be less likely to overdo it! No one wants to pop a button on their favorite outfit either! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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