Client of the Week – Laura Jankowski

When I was asked to write about my fitness journey I didn’t know where to start. I was asked what brought me to Jada Blitz? The only reason why I am at Jada Blitz or even working out is because of Stephanie Szpila. I met Steph from a mutual friend. She was concerned that I didn’t really know what ‘healthy’ was. Looking back that is entirely true. I thought that protein and no carbs was the only way to lose and maintain weight. I started a crash diet that showed me how to lose 45 pounds in 9 weeks. It made sense. Don’t eat more than X calories a day and do cardio for 2 hours every day. The weight was falling off. I felt good.

I was going to a gym to use their equipment and I had no idea what to do with it. I would do 60 minutes on the elliptical and go upstairs to use EVERY piece of machinery they had. I would do some upper, lower and abs every day. I would be there for a 2-hour minimum. I didn’t realize that if I wanted to maintain the way I was living my body would eat itself.

Our friend asked me to join a group session with Steph just to test the waters. 110% changed my life.

Stephanie showed me how to work out with weights and not just cardio. I was still gaining muscle and losing fat. I didn’t know how or why but it was working!

I have been with Steph for over 4 years now. She has taught me how to eat, how to work out to gain muscle, lose weight and be happy in life. From our first session to today she pushes me to my limit. I NEEDED to work out almost every day with her. I was addicted to the way Steph helped, trained, mentored me.

While I may not be working out 6 days a week now Stephanie taught me how to create a balance in life. I consider her a good friend and would not know where I would be without her today. Over all the obstacles we have overcome, she has taught me how to love myself and to be comfortable with who I am while focusing on fitness. I could not be more grateful to have her in my life.

Thank you Steph for sticking with me and showing me how to live life the best way possible.

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