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Importance of Stretching

Our bodies crave proper balance and flexibility, but most of us leave little time before and after a workout to actually help our bodies recover properly. We’re talking about the importance of stretching. And stretching is not just for runners or other cardio fanatics, it can greatly improve lifting ability, posture and overall performance. Stretching […]

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Should I train to muscle failure every set?

If you haven’t noticed, there has been conflicting research on whether or not training to failure is beneficial. Training to failure on every given set can cause “central fatigue.” Central fatigue, is a form of fatigue that is associated with changes in the synaptic concentration of neurotransmitters within the central nervous system which affects exercise […]

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Free weights vs machines

The primary difference between free weights and machines is the fact that when using free weights, you can move in three dimensions: forward, backward, horizontally, and vertically. This is important, because this is how your body normally moves in daily life. When you use free weights, you therefore end up engaging more muscles, as you […]

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What Does Walking Into the Gym Mean to You?

Your alarm goes off, you turn over in bed and the brightness of your phone screen stares you hard in the face. Must mean it’s time to wake up and make the most of your day. To some, that 5am annoying buzzing means it’s time to get that morning lift, run, spin or yoga class […]

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What should my pre-workout meal consist of and how do i know when to eat it?

Pre-workout nutrition is dependent on many variables…your overall caloric intake – your goals – the time in which you train – and your digestion. We know that protein is needed to stimulate protein synthesis (see below) and muscle growth, that is why I️ recommend spreading protein intake evenly throughout meals. By doing this, you ensure […]

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Should I Do Cardio or Weight Training First?

I always advise my clients to do cardio when they feel the best time to do it. Meaning, listen to your body and try to stick with that time. With that being said, there are a few principles that I️ have them follow. Don’t do cardio on an empty stomach. If your schedule only allows […]

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Is Your Body Not Processing Carbs the Way You Want?

All this work, all this time, all this eating – and my body still refuses to process carbs the way I want. Understanding glucose disposal and utilization is a major key (insert DJ Khaled voice here) to building superhuman muscle, promoting fat loss, and improving athletic performance. Sounds kinda magical right? For those of us […]

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Time Under Tension and Drop Sets

Building muscle – – you have set a goal to make improvements in your physique and that doesn’t mean you have to jack up the weights and lower the reps to achieve what you want. Instead, you should try training under tension (also known as time under tension or “TUT”), extending the length of time […]

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Ask Justin: How do you know it’s time to change your fitness program or routine?

You might know it’s time to make a change if what you’re doing is no longer providing results. Be realistic here, based on your goal, are you progressing? If not it may be time for a change. Also, depending on your goal, whether it’s muscle building, strength or fat loss, your program should reflect the […]

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*Client of the Week*

Client of the Week – Alisa

My story began just over a year ago at Jada Blitz. All it took was one class, and I knew that joining this gym was going to my new home away from home. It also didn’t hurt that they have a black lab, Tucker that roams around while you’re there. I first started with a […]

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