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Four Simple Reasons Why You’re Not Seeing Results

Last weekend, a client of mine stopped me mid-conversation and said, “I see the scale, and I am overwhelmed with discouragement and frustration.” We have been working together for over three months, diligently, inside and outside of the gym. Yet, despite their commitment to both personal training and nutrition services, nothing has changed. Time and […]

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Drop Those Sets

What is a drop set? Drop sets don’t physically mean you drop a set off your workout flow. A drop set is when you perform an exercise with heavy weights until you hit or almost hit failure, then you drop some weight and continue for more repetitions with the lower poundage. Why should you incorporate […]

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Do you do deficits?

Maybe you’ve heard the term “deficit” floating around at the gym, but do you really know what that word means or why it’s important to occasionally mix it in your routine? A deficit deadlift is created when you stand on a weight plate or short platform—think those colored plates used for deadlifts in the “leg […]

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The Importance of Core

When it comes to starting a fitness routine in order to build a healthy lifestyle, it’s extremely important to start with refining the basics. This all stems down to your core! Your core has many different purposes that will not only help you during exercise but through everyday activity. One of the most noted problems […]

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Squats are amazing and here’s why

Squats are the perfect functional fitness exercise because they not only strengthen your muscles, ligaments and connective tissues, but performing squats on a regular basis promotes mobility and balance and helps you complete real-world activities with much more ease. If you’re a runner, squats can help you run faster and endure less pain afterwards because […]

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How Alcohol Can Affect Your Body Composition

It’s one of the most common questions our trainers hear: “Do I need to give up alcohol to lose weight?” Do you know the answer? InBody’s article breaks this down in an easy to understand and interesting way. The differences in how the body metabolizes food and alcohol Nutrients and calories in a beer versus […]

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Women, Don’t Be Scared of Strength Training

How many times have we heard from women “I don’t need to lift weights to look like the hulk.” It’s time to put your assumptions aside, cut down on your hour-long treadmill runs and understand the benefits of weight training. Many young women take common everyday movements for granted, such as walking up and down […]

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Ice it or heat it?

Whether you are working out in the gym or outside this summer, it can sometimes be hard to get through new workouts without straining a muscle, spraining a ligament, or hurting your back.  When something hurts, it is sometimes hard to differentiate whether ice or heat will make it better.  Ice and heat are easy, […]

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Get Ready to Crush It with Core Nutritionals

If you’ve been in the gym over the past week, you’ve likely noticed the variety of new, black-with- shiny-label containers filling the red cubes in the standing carts to the left of the door. Consider those containers our new baby—or Core Nutritionals premium supplement line. Jada Blitz Training is proud to be the only gym […]

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*Client of the Week*

Client of the Week – Audrey

I decided to work with Justin five months ago to gain control of my health and to become overall healthier and stronger. I saw the success stories of his training and I knew he was the one I had to work with. As a breast cancer survivor and having gone through surgery and treatment it […]

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