What to do when you’ve hit a flat road

Plateaus happen to all of us. One week is a solid one and the next is draggy, unproductive and you feel yourself slacking and not making muscle gains. So how do we fix these periods of un-improvement?

First off, the main reason your body plateaus is because it adapts to the everyday weightlifting exercises it performs. Our bodies like to maintain a normalized state, where it’s satisfied. However, when you’re comfortable, you’re not challenging yourself and this leads to a state where the body doesn’t change.

Here is a list of reasons you may be hitting that plateau and ways to break it and get you back on track.

  • You need a training partner or personal trainer: A friend or certified coach can push you to the max and spot you if needed, but also ensure you hold proper form.
  • It’s time to change your routine: You cannot go to the gym and perform the same weights doing the same number of reps everyday—your body will not change because YOU’RE not changing! Try altering the reps one day and the next, try the sets or the speed between reps.
  • You need a new gym: A change of scenery, music, people and machines may prompt you to expand your routine.
  • Play up the angles: Don’t resort to flat bench presses day-in-and-out, change it up with decline and incline every once in a while. Instead of doing curls sitting or standing, try laying flat on your back and curling.
  • You’re ignoring injuries or muscle imbalances: This can cause decreased strength in some areas of your body. It’s important to workout each muscle evenly. Try deep tissue massages to help with certain injuries if needed. Jada offers Blitz Body + Mind with a wide range of massage options.
  • You’re not taking a break: Rest is key to proper muscle growth and development. If you don’t take at least one day off from the gym each week, you may do more harm than good by overworking your muscles.
  • You’re sticking to just machines: Skimping on free weights is like taking the easy way out. Your body needs variety. Free weights also add in a different level of core stability that machines don’t allow for as much.
  • You’re training at the wrong time of day: If you’re exhausted at the end of your workday, don’t workout after that! Try switching your gym time to first thing in the morning or during lunch. A tired mind leads to a tired body.

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