Workout of The Day

Bored of your normal routine?

Try this sample workout tomorrow to add variety into your lifts.

Flutter kicks-25
Toe Touches- 50
Side plank- 2x each side, 15 seconds
Plank on a physioball- 30 seconds
Russian Twists- 50

Single leg Step jumps- 1x each leg, 10 reps
*keep quick contact off the ground*
Max Box Jumps- 3×10

Medicine Ball overhead wall toss to squats 2×15
Squats- 3×10 superset with lunges for 20 yards
Leg press- 3×15 superset with jump squats- 20
Weighted DB Bulgarian isometric holds- 3xeach leg for 10 seconds

3 rounds Total-

1 round equals:
50% of your bodyweight sled push down to one end, 10 burpees, 30 crunches


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