Referral Program

Jada Blitz Training owes it’s growth to our outstanding members who advocate and spread the word about the amazing transformations they’ve experienced from training at Jada Blitz. To say, “Thank You” we’ve developed an 5 tiered loyalty program to reward our members for referrals. To qualify, referred members must sign up for one of two options:

Minimum 12 month gym membership OR 3 month PT package required to qualify.

(Renewal counts are good for 1 calendar year and expire on September 1st of 2016.)

Reward Levels:

  1. Practice Level
    Your choice of: One Month Free Membership OR 10% of Future PT purchase
    For referring: 1 Membership Referral
  2. Warmup level
    Your choice of: Jada Blitz T-Shirt OR XTEND
    For referring:
    3 Membership Referrals OR 1 Personal Training client
  3. Bronze Level
    Your choice of: 6 Month Free Membership OR $100 Visa Gift Card
    For referring:
    5 Membership Referrals OR 3 Personal Training clients
  4. Silver Level
    Your choice of: $300 Visa Gift Card OR Mountain Bike
    For referring:
    10 Membership Referrals OR 5 Personal Training clients
  5. Gold Level
    Your choice of: $500 Visa Gift Card OR One Year Free Membership (with all classes)
    For referring:
    15 Membership Referrals OR 8 Personal Training clients

Stop by the front desk today to pick up your cards.