The Vital Workout Addition – BCAAs

I’m sure you’ve heard of them but how much do you know about these BCAAs? Do you even know what the abbreviation, BCAA is spelled out to? We’re here to give you a quick rundown of why it’s so vital to add these to your workout regimen.

Branch chain amino acids are the building blocks of the body and are vital for muscle protein synthesis. They are metabolized differently than other amino acids, and can be oxidized in the muscles during exercise for energy. BCAAs: build cells, repair tissue, form antibodies, make up a part of the enzyme and hormonal system, build RNA and DNA and carry oxygen throughout the body.

BCAAs stimulate the production of insulin to increase blood sugar and promote amino acid uptake by the muscle cells to ultimately be used for energy. During intense training sessions, BCAA’s helps the restore the naturally depleting glycogen stores in your body, by stopping protein syntheses in the muscles.

They can also dramatically enhance your endurance and strength during a workout. This supplement decreases the amount of tryptophan, lowering serotonin release, naturally produced by your body during a workout, and can therefore lead to a much more energized session.

A common misconception is that drinking whey protein is sufficient post-workout. The truth is, while whey is certainly beneficial to speed up muscle recovery, it takes your body a few hours to fully digest and process all the amino acids in that shake. With BCAAs, however, they are free-form, meaning they do not require digestion and are quickly absorbed in the bloodstream. This is another reason why BCAAs are an excellent boost during your workout, too. Since they bypass the liver, they give that quick jolt of energy needed at the gym.

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