Aubree Shofner

On 12-13-14 I walked through the doors of Jada Blitz Training for the very first time to sit and meet with Stephanie Sszpila.  I was dealing with long term depression and anxiety, had no motivation or goals and was coping by turning to food or sleeping entire days away.  I was unfocused, numb to emotions, scared and feeling very lost.  I didn’t know it at the time, but this was the day that changed my life forever.  

Becoming part of Jada Blitz as a trainee taught me how to love myself again.  I found a level of confidence I didn’t know was within me and I wanted to jar up all the emotions I caught walking through those doors and share them with everyone I knew.  This was so much more than a training facility, this was a saving grace.  A new home and family that accepted me just as I was and encouraged me to pursue things I never knew thought possible. 

I wanted to transition into a personal training career because I discovered a passion for helping others achieve all that they are capable of becoming. I am a firm believer that anyone can reach their health goals through positivity, guidance and challenges.  Each day I strive to lead by example and bring a fresh energy to the training floor with knowledge and leadership, to provide each client with compassion and support.  It is my priority to work toward change that goes beyond physical transformation, this is an emotional and mental journey as well.  I want to guide each person I work with toward building strength that reflects from the inside out. 

The most rewarding aspect of my job is seeing clients’ confidence and emotions change as their body changes, they exceed their goals and become so proud and excited of themselves – – that in turn gets me eager to see what more we can bring to the table.  Sometimes its hard to imagine a client from our first session together, we experience so much as a team as their mind, body and overall being transforms and I feel so blessed each day knowing I play such a pivotal role in their lives.