Staying on track during the Super Bowl

Staying on track during the Super Bowl

Don’t throw all of your hard work away by pigging out on bad-for-you foods while watching the big game! Try these winning tips so you can enjoy yourself!

The average American watching the Super Bowl on Sunday will consume 1,200 calories and 50 grams of fat from snacks alone, which is the entire daily calorie allowance for some people! So how does someone watching their weight enjoy the day without blowing all of the hard work? You can stay happy and healthy while still indulging in a few of your favorite treats. Here are a few tips and recipes to help you stay on track.

Don’t go to the party starving. Have a full meal an hour or two before the party so you’re not that hungry. When you want to have a snack, stick to the healthy options you brought. Don’t hang out by the food, mingle with other party goers and focus on the game, focus on the fun commercials, or the exciting halftime show!

Avoid “air food.” “Air food” is food that goes directly from the serving container to your mouth – no plate involved. The key here is that you don’t really see “air food.” If you don’t look at it, your mind is less likely to register it than if it comes from a plate. Take a plate and put food on the plate and step away from the food area. before you eat it. This also keeps you from eating the whole bowl of chips. If you want more, you have to make the decision to go back.

Alternate water and alcoholic beverages. We tend to eat more when we drink alcoholic beverages. Alternating water can help you stay hydrated, too.

Take something healthy. It could be a fruit or vegetable try. Or, black bean brownies. Or, Cherry-Almond-Chocolate Clusters (this is what I’m taking).

Don’t hover near the food. Find other locations to hang out to minimize the temptation.

Just remember it’s about “moderation“, don’t go overboard! You will regret it in the morning.

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