Pint-Sized Nutrient Powerhouses

The word “superfood” is popping up everywhere, from health magazines to trending hashtags on Twitter. Okay hemp, chia and flax seeds have yet to actually make their way to the top of the social media world, but these powerhouses are on the right path.

Whether you’re a body builder or a cardio-junkie, you don’t want to miss out on the optimal nutrition packed into these little guys. Each of these tiny seeds is packed to the max with fiber, fatty acids, protein and more.

Hemp, chia and flax seeds are extremely easy to add to into your diet and so extremely nutrient-dense. They may be tiny, but they are mighty; here’s why.

Chia Seeds:
60 calories, 3 grams protein, 3 grams fat, and 5 grams carbs per tablespoon

  • High in protein: Aside from keeping you satisfied, adding protein to your diet also contributes to lean muscle mass, which helps with your exercise regimen.
  • Lots of fiber: Fiber helps keep you full and aids in digestion, ensuring everything flows smoothly.
  • High in healthy fats and omega 3s: Omega-3s are essential nutrients, meaning your body needs to take these in from your diet. Adding both healthy fats and omegas into your daily diet improves overall health.

Hemp Seeds:
57 calories, 3 grams protein, 4 grams fat, and 1 gram carbs per tablespoon

  • High-quality plant protein: Hemp contains a complete amino acid profile, making it perfect for the vegetarian or vegan athletes or bodybuilders.
  • Healthy fat balance: With a 3:1 ratio of omega-6s to omega-3s, Hemp works as an anti-inflammatory in the body.
  • Rich in soluble and un-soluble fiber: A great balance that naturally cleanses the colon and reduces sugar cravings 

Flax Seeds: (make sure they are ground because the whole seed is not fully absorbed)
37 calories, 1 gram protein, 3 grams fat, and 2 grams carbs per tablespoon 

  • Excellent fiber source: One of the best sources of soluble fiber which helps slow down digestion and regulate blood sugar and appetite.
  • Blood sugar regulation: Flax contains high amounts of lignans, which help improve blood flow and lower blood pressure numbers.
  • Leading source of the omega-3 fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid (ALA): While not as powerful as the omega-3s found in fatty fish like salmon, ALA can also help keep your heart beating strong so you’ll be able to lift those weights for years to come.

These seeds are all excellent added into a smoothie, sprinkled on top of yogurt or oatmeal or mixed into your favorite pancake or waffle mix. Let flax, chia and hemp seeds be your secret weapon to eating and feeling better than ever.


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