The Perfect Fitness-Enthusiast Holiday Gift Ideas

The Perfect Fitness-Enthusiast Holiday Gift Ideas

Stuck on finding the fitness enthusiast on your list the perfect holiday gift?

This can be a tough one, because there are so many brands and makes and models of exercise/workout gear and equipment. But have no fear, we have a few ideas for you, no matter if the person you’re buying for is a yogi, avid runner, muscle-maniac, spinning junkie or skiing/boarding-lover.

  1. Jay-Bird Freedom In-Ear Wireless Headphones– Long cords can be annoying to a gym-buff or avid runner. These are perfect for an intense sweat session because not only is there no cord connecting to your phone, but they block out sound around you. $150.
  2. Lululemon Reversible 5mm Yoga Mat– It’s not only sweat-wicking, like most Lulu apparel, but its antimicrobial feature is a nice touch when a yoga session gets sweaty and grimy. A new, fresh, excellent-quality yoga mat makes a huge difference. $68.
  3. Brooks Men’s Ghost 9 GTX Running Shoes– These water-proof, high-cushion, perfect outdoor men’s running shoe will keep your avid outdoor runner dry and running strong for miles. Its Gore Tex membrane is soft and breathable, giving it that added touch. $150.
  4. Full Tilt Women’s Soul Sister Women’s Ski Boot– This is a three-piece boot, and when compared to its two-piece counterparts, its much more flexible and comfortable than other styles. $550.
  5. Lululemon Wunder Under High-Rise Pant– Lululemon’s materials are extremely soft, long-lasting and most important of all, comfortable. They may be expensive yoga pants, but they’re a statement pant for sure. Their sweat-wicking, non-pilling, compression material makes this brand so popular. $128.
  6. Customizable Hydroflask Water Bottle– You can never go wrong with a simple water bottle for your exercise fanatic. Hydroflasks are double-insulated to keep your drinks cold (or hot) for up to 24 hours. Customize your 12>64 ounce bottle today! $34.
  7. Trigger Point CORE Multi-Density Foam Roller– Strethcing and rolling out your muscles after an intense lifting day or even a long/hard run is extremely beneficial for your body. This roller can help you stay injury free and recover from today’s workout quicker. $29.
  8. Oh My Quad Women’s Racerback– Lifting is absolutely not just for guys. Squat day is an important component to a fit lifestyle. Your lifter-female-friend is sure to love this one. $23.
  9. Smartwool Ski Socks– They’re made for the slopes. With their sweat-wicking, but warm and toasty interior, these socks are a perfect gift for the skier/boarder in your life. $23.
  10. Oster Blend-N-Go MyBlend Blender– The ease and convenience of making that protein shake post workout, can improve 100% with this personal blender. Not to mention its customizable color pallet. $25.

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