Our Monumental Statements

If you are asked where you see yourself in 5 years and your answer does not at all deviate from your current living situation, there is a lack of insight in what you consider to be your dream life. Many people look at their life plans as monumental units. We make these simple monumental statements like, “This year I graduated from medical school” or “On this date, I opened up my own business”. Our achievements cannot be summed up in these few words. It is a continuous chain of failed attempts, emotional struggle, and formation and/or destruction of relationships. Accomplishing one of our life goals is no prize at a carnival or lucky draw of the lottery. Part of completing one of these monumental tasks is progressing, day in and day out. We progress by asking ourselves every morning, “what can I do today that will get me an inch closer to where I want to be in 5 years?” Simple acts such as further developing a relationship with a coworker, researching a new idea, or trying something you’ve never done before, are acts that build your status as a contender for your own achievements. We should be absolute ecstatic when we think about our lives in 5 years. Why? Because each and every day we are moving one step forward one way or another. Because that is 1,825 steps closer to the moment we get to say that simple monumental statement that we’ve been working towards.

By Hallie Mayo
Personal Trainer and Customer Service Rep

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