Nutrition is a very personal aspect of health and fitness. With so much information out there it can be hard to sort through the information and know what is right and best for you and your goals. At Jada Blitz Training, our certified nutritional coaches ensure that each client has a customized program that is created specifically to reach their goals.

What it entails:

  • Consultation with one of our nutritional coaches
  • Questionnaire to highlight important information such as: activity level, body type, nutritional preferences, and goals.
  • Coaches review of questionnaire and development of personalized program
  • One-on-one working relationship between coach and client that includes weekly check-ins and communication on progress and changes needed to be made.

If you’ve never tracked macronutrients before, we are more than willing to provide the tools to help you learn and succeed. All of our clients have the opportunity to attend nutritional seminars each month to go over the basics of flexible dieting. Clients also receive weekly feedback through check-ins, updated macronutrient changes (if needed based on progress and goals), and unlimited email support to their coaches. We provide guidelines for how to track macronutrients, food suggestions, and information on how to implement flexible dieting. Macro tracking is a great way for each and every client to learn and understand nutritional concepts and then apply these concepts to everyday life. As your coaches, we are interested in your overall health and quality of life, which means a sustainable program is a must! We want you to succeed!

“Achieving a healthy lifestyle takes more than working hard at the gym. I didn’t always think this way. In fact, up until about a year ago I thought that’s all it took. It was simple, make a daily commitment to exercise and everything else would fall into place. As I found out, the problem with this concept is results at the gym can eventually stop or even worse, begin to regress. Especially when poor nutrition or eating habits are added to the mix. My lack of results were then compounded by frequent fatigue, sluggishness and an absence of motivation to workout.

Thankfully, Cheryl, my wife, recognized it was time for a change. It was her effort and research that brought us to JADA and Justin.   Since last spring, Justin has been our nutritional coach and has guided us through the process of tracking macronutrients. By working with Justin, I have learned, among many things, the significant role that nutrition plays in achieving fitness goals. In addition to nutritional awareness, tracking macros has also led me to understand the importance of numerous other factors that contribute to a healthy lifestyle, such as rest, recovery, sleep and exercise regimen to name a few. Becoming familiar with and practicing these factors have helped in assuring that time spent in the gym produces desired results.

In the past year, I have benefited from tracking macros in more ways than one. With Justin leading the way and with some personal commitment and dedication, last summer I was able to achieve my original goal of reducing body fat and becoming lean for the first time. Since then I have transitioned to a secondary goal of adding muscle. Yet, perhaps more substantial than body composition changes, macros have positively impacted my overall wellbeing.

Smarter food choices and a proper balance of macronutrients jump started my metabolism shortly after beginning macro meal planning. Almost a year later, this improved metabolism continues to have my body working for me. Although I probably do not always get the amount of sleep I should, the quality of sleep I do get has certainly improved. The greatest change I have experienced thus far is increased energy levels. Early mornings followed by long, active days are the norm for my schedule. Previously this would leave me exhausted with little energy left for the end of the day. I’m happy to say not anymore! I now maintain consistent energy throughout the entire day.

Most encouraging when focusing on macronutrients is the ability to produce long term, sustained success. Because of the flexibility in food choices, macros lacks the strictness of many other diet plans. Allowing myself to eat foods I enjoy without guilt or fear of having a setback. This flexibility provides the foundation for a continued healthy lifestyle. It is this belief in combination with the many other advantages of macros that cause personal optimism towards repeatedly achieving my future fitness goals and maintaining my newly acquired wellbeing.”

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