Paws in the Park Walk – UPDATE

We recently received a wonderful letter from our friends at the SPCA regarding Paws in the Park Walk and wanted to share it with everyoone. Thank you to all who participated and helped. ——– I hope that you had a fantastic Thanksgiving! It’s hard to believe that the SPCA’s Paws in the Park Walk was […]

Trainer Feature: Gaige Hoot

In July of 2016 I joined the Jada Blitz team working as a front desk associate. In March of 2017 I started as a personal trainer at the Blitz. A fun fact about me is that I once was a personal training client at Jada Blitz. One of the most important fit tips I can […]

Reflections Of A Weight Loss Journey

One year. 12 months. 365 days. 8,760 hours. 525,600 minutes. On September 20, 2017, Jada Blitz Training member Ashley Paul celebrated a very memorable day. Having known Ashley for over a year now, I can attest that her spirit is both powerful, humbling, and beautiful. She emulates a genuine and compassionate take on life, something […]

Save Time and Meal Prep

For many people trying to prepare meals on a regular basis, being strapped for time becomes a major stress factor in the kitchen.  There are many products available to cut down on the time spent each week preparing meals. Eating smart doesn’t have to eat into your busy schedule.  There are a ton of shortcuts […]

Bring Your Best to the Stage – Posing Clinic

Representing Jada Blitz, Gina Mattioli and Stephanie Latawiec had the opportunity to attend a posing clinic in Akron, Ohio sponsored by the Natural Muscle Association. The girls were able to brush up on their posing skills in order to be able to bring a posing clinic to future competitors in the fall. Representing Jada Blitz, […]