Meet Mike Davis – Personal Trainer

My inspiration for being a personal trainer comes from my passion for fitness. I knew that I had the ability to help people on a larger level than just offering up gym advice when asked. With Justin as a mentor I quickly learned the professionalism it took to become a successful personal trainer. One thing Justin has said to me is “people don’t just train with me because I can teach a squat or dead lift.” For some reason that has stuck with me because as simple as it sounds it is true. There are thousands of trainers who can teach great technique, but what else can you bring to the table? Personal training isn’t just about putting together a good workout for a client. It is also about being there as a friend, role model, motivator, etc.

It is hard for me to say who my biggest role model is. My grandmother, my parents, and Justin are a few.

My favorite pre-workout meal is usually egg whites, turkey bacon, and oats with blueberries and strawberries. I typically have this on the weekend when I train in the morning. It’s a nice start to the day! Sometimes I will substitute blueberry pancakes for the oats. My favorite post-workout meal is vanilla chex cereal and a protein shake. Chex are just so good!

My favorite part of the fitness lifestyle is the structure it provides in my life inside and out of the gym. To truly make progress it takes much more than squatting 400lbs or being able to bench 300lbs. It takes dedication, hard work, heart, humility, patience, courage, etc. I could elaborate on each one, but use your imagination.

My favorite body part to train is shoulders. Nothing like pressing some heavy weight over your head!

My daily motivation comes from YouTube and Instagram. There are some great individuals out there in the fitness community going through the daily struggles just like we are. I love being able to open YouTube and see one of the people I follow putting in work for their goal. It reminds me that I’m not the only one who is dedicated and passionate about this life. Some of my favorite sources of motivation are Mike Rashid, Phil Heath, DLB, Chris Jones, and Christian Guzman.

I try to keep others motivated by leading by example. That is huge to me. So many people talk about what they are doing. They will post a lengthy status about what they are doing and how they are so dedicated and all this nonsense, but turn around and do something completely contradictory. People who look to you for motivation watch your actions. Yes a motivational post is great too, but people can see through a fake. So for me I just try to stay true to myself, and my goals and let my actions speak and hope that resonates with people.

One thing about me people may not know is that I’m actually very shy. Speaking in large groups or having all eyes on me takes me out of my comfort zone. Unless I’m about to lift some very heavy weight. In that case I like the attention. It makes me feel like I can’t let everyone down!

At Jada Blitz people can expect to receive excellent personal training, results, good laughs, and some new friends! The atmosphere at the Blitz is unlike any other gym I’ve been at.

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