Meet Justin Draper – Personal Trainer

Where did you get certified as a Personal Trainer?

Following graduating Buffalo State College with a major in Business Management and a minor in Health and Wellness I knew I wanted to pursue my passion in the fitness industry. Soon thereafter, I received my certification in personal training from ISSA.

What inspired you to become a personal trainer? I have always felt that we each have a purpose in life. I saw how much my life was impacted through health and fitness and had no doubt that my purpose was to help others through this avenue. It goes beyond just being someone’s trainer. It often flourishes into a trusting relationship and can have a positive impact in many aspects of someone’s life.

Who is your biggest influence and why? My father. He is someone who has never had to say much because his actions were an example of what a true leader is about – hard work, respect, perseverance, caring, and strong yet humbled.

What are clients biggest misconceptions when it comes to nutrition and proper eating? The biggest misconception I see is that “you can’t eat carbs past dark”. There are many fads when it comes to nutrition and a huge misconception that carboyhydrates or entire food groups need to be eliminated. Through a flexible and sustainable program, results can be achieved without sacrificing carbohydrates or particular food. Carbohydrates are our bodies number one source of energy and every person has a different tolerance to processing carboydrates. There are many variables that play a part in each person’s nutrition and achieving desired results.   That is why we work with every client individually to ensure they are properly progressing.

What is the best thing to eat before and after a workout? Again, this depends on the individual and their goals. However, pre-workout often a meal with both a carbohydrate and a protein is ideal because it will help fuel you and keep your energy throughout the workout. Post-workout, often a meal would be similar to the pre-workout meal where you are keeping a protein, carb and low in fat.

How do you keep a client motivated to come back when they aren’t seeing the results they desire…when they get discouraged? There has to be some internal motivation, however, I often set aside time to give that client the attention they need to help re-focus them.   This goes back to building a strong relationship between client and trainer and also reinforcing that this is not a race but a journey.

What is your opinion on supplements?   Supplementation will also depend on individual goals, but there are some staples I recommend: L-Carintine, ALA, Vitamin C, BCAAs. and a good multi-vitamin.

Why can’t a client just do cardio?  Why is weight training important?  Should I do one verses the other first? Someone cannot just do cardio because they need to breakdown muscle tissue in order to build lean muscle mass. The more lean muscle one has the more calories they burn throughout the day. Our bodies adapt easily to our routines, so if someone is doing just cardio, they will have to continue to do more and more to see any results.   If the goal is to build lean muscle and lose weight, weight training should be done prior to cardio.


How many times a week should someone see a trainer?   This is based on various factors. However, I believe for the most results at least twice a week. This is because we can focus on more specific body parts in each

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