Marty Derkovitz at the Olympus

10698483_10204202762420760_3351991325958575428_nSo close, so far. Last night at the Olympus I came in 2nd place. Had some stiff competition for first place but happy to take second. I came in at 169lbs, the lightest and leanest I have ever been. This journey wouldn’t have started if it wasn’t for my now coach Mike Davis talking me into going to see Justin Draper a little over 1 year ago now. Since then, they’ve transformed my physique from a sloppy 200lbs to a lean and fit 169. In 3 shows, I have a 1st place, 2nd and 4th in my rookie season. Time for an offseason now. #‎jadablitztraining is a life changing experience. At the end of the day the greatest award is not a trophy. It is the feeling of accomplishing your goals amd proving to yourself you can accomplish anything. Trophies are just a reminder of a memorable night. Thank you to everyone who believed in me from the very start. My journey has only begun.

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