Should You Lace Up Your Sneakers or Take Them Off?

We all have days where the last thing we feel like doing is getting up and going to the gym. Maybe it’s that time of the month or you just didn’t sleep well the night before and debate a nap versus a workout session. It’s important to know when to get your butt in gear and when to take those sneakers off instead.

  1. If you’ve had TOO much caffeine—SKIP. There are benefits of caffeinating before a workout, because you’ll have more energy to pump extra iron and mentally focus better as well. However, too much caffeine is a concern and can make your heart race, making you feel lightheaded and dizzy. Plus, if you’re blood is flowing with too much caffeine, chances are your heart rate is off, and during high-intensity exercises your heart may not return to its recovery rate as quickly.

    Jada’s trainers agree that some caffeine prior to your workout does give you that extra punch, but just be careful not to overdo it. Try Alphagen Pre-Workout, or grab a Monster or a Bang energy drink from our supplement display and cooler if you need an extra push.

  2. You’re running on empty– SKIP. Working out on an empty stomach can cause you to feel light-headed or nauseas and you will not be able to perform optimally. Strategically planning your pre-workout meal is much safer and can lead to a better workout. A healthy mix of carbohydrates and protein will improve your workout stamina. Try a banana with peanut butter/almond butter or oatmeal with added protein powder. If you don’t feel your can eat before a workout, try drinking a pre-workout supplement in place of food.
  3. You have an exam, big speech or a job interview today- GO! Squeezing in a sweat session prior to a stressful event can calm your nerves and release endorphins in your brain making you feel happier (and less stressed).
  4. You spun today and plan to try for leg day tomorrow- Spinning is not only cardio, but you’re really using those leg muscles, especially if there are lots of climbs that day. Hitting the gym for legs the following day may cause injury or at least a lot of muscle soreness from not giving your legs enough time to rest and recover. Try to give your muscles 24-48 hours to recover between sessions.
  5. You have really bad cramps- GO! Believe it or not, exercising with an aching stomach can drastically improve your pain. It may be a struggle to push yourself to go the gym, but once you’re there, you’ll feel better.

Bottom line: it’s okay to skip a day if you need to—don’t worry—but you’re the best judge of your body, so listen to it.

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