Contest Preperation – Justin’s Show

It all started with a decision to compete again, after four years of taking time off to turn a dream of opening up a gym into a reality, to start a family and to inspire each and every person that has entered Justin’s life. This time around contest preparation would be different though, his first baby was on the way, he had a business to run and clients to train daily. Being the dedicated leader people know Justin to be, he was undoubtedly ready to face the next couple of months with a positive attitude, determination and fearlessness to be the best he could possibly be.

As the months turned into weeks and the macros started changing, the reality of the show began to set in. While still maintaining his personal training and nutrition clients, and getting prepared for the baby, Justin persevered with dedicated workouts everyday; hitting every muscle in his body adequately to ensure when he stepped up on that stage there would be no doubt in the judges minds that he was the leanest most shredded competitor to grace their presence. With hours of posing sessions, gallons of water-consumed daily on minimal carbs and endless support from his family and friends, he was more than prepared for the OCB Eastern in Rochester on October 8.

Justin stepped on stage with confidence in every step and a goal to hit every calculated pose showcasing each and every muscle in his body from start to finish. After deliberation, the judges agreed with what the audience saw was evident, that he was the winner of not only his class, Middleweight Open Body Building, but the winner of the Overall Open Bodybuilding, which earned him a pro card. Furthermore, he took home a special award for the “Most Shredded Competitor,” which is a huge accomplishment.

Sometimes we cannot control our surroundings or certain situations, but that does not mean we have an excuse to set aside our most desired goals. If you set your mind right and stay focused, you can do what you may have thought as impossible and achieve something great. Jada Blitz is fortunate to not only have someone so knowledgeable on personal training, nutrition and how the body works, but to have someone who is actionable and accountable on the philosophy Justin  preaches everyday. If you feel like you are faced with defeat, remember, the will to win MUST come from within.

-Proud Member of the Jada Blitz Family

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