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Justin’s Corner – My Favorite Restaurant

I would say that my favorite Buffalo restaurant is Fuji Grill. I love my sushi. It is a weekly tradition for my wife Ashley and I. For me, sushi is satisfying, delicious and also allows me to enjoy eating out when I am in prep for a competition or in a cut. I typically will order a salad with ginger dressing to start. Then I like a variety of hand rolls and rolls. For hand rolls, I love their smoked salmon hand roll – it provides a different texture and experience than a traditional roll since the seaweed paper is on the outside (it looks like an ice-cream cone). I’ve often ordered their Crazy Tuna Roll, Rainbow Roll, and a few traditional rolls (smoked salmon, tuna, yellowtail). And I cannot forget about my side of steamed rice –have to get those carbs in! Sushi allows you to get in all your macro nutrients: a good source of fat from avocado and fish; a good source of carbs through veggies and rice (can substitute brown rice); and a good source of protein from the fish as well.

My other restaurant choice in Buffalo when we want something more fancy would be LeftBank. Their food and service is consistent and their menu has some healthy options as well. Their tuna tartare is prepared in an Asian style which is delicious. I also like their grilled fish or pork chops with jasmine rice for an entrée.

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    While I do enjoy Fuji, especially seeing it was my first sushi experience ever, I would have to say my two favorite spots are Sake Cafe and Kuni’s. The specialty rolls at Sake are some of the best I’ve had. Kuni’s has a wild sokeye salmon roll that was incredible!

    Leftbank is a great restaurant, the atmosphere is nice for a 1 on 1 dinner date and the food never disappoints.

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