Justin’s Corner – “Falling” Back Into a Fitness Routine

As the kids go back to school and we transition into the fall season, you are probably thinking how you did with your fitness goals this summer. This summer the weather has been anything short of amazing and with that we should have all been more active…or maybe instead we indulged in too many margaritas and barbeques. However, with fall upon us, things will settle down again and we can easily establish a routine to chip away at our fitness goals.

Here are some tips to start the fall season off on the right path:

  1. Plan Ahead to Stick with A Routine – It will be important that you are prepared for each week ahead. We are creatures of habit – establish times in your schedule where you can squeeze in a workout. By choosing a time to workout you are more likely to stick with your workout routine. Need something quick and effective – try a group fitness class like Blitz Body or Rev Total Body – both incorporate your weight training and cardio. (Jeff can we hyperlink classes to our website)
  2. Try Variety – One of the biggest reasons we fall off our workout regimen is boredom. Switch things up! It is proven that by switching up our exercises and intensity not only will we see better results, but also be more likely to stick with it!
  3. Use Fast Effective Workouts – No one wants to workout hours on end – and chances are, most don’t have the time for it. Get the most out of your workouts by using circuit training, intervals, and compound movements. All will help you cut time, not results.
  4. Make Nutrition a Priority – Plan out your week of meals. And don’t skip out on your breakfast – it is the kick start to your day (not just your cup of Joe). A healthy breakfast jumpstarts your metabolism making you less likely to hit a wall by 10 am. Make breakfast the night before with overnight oats – simple, nutritious, and easy!
  5. Ditch Excuses – An hour workout is 4% of your day. What is your excuse? We all have challenges, stressors, and commitments – but there is a big group of people that are getting it done! Talk to a trainer or group instructor on tips to stay positive and fill up your life with positivity and motivation.

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