Justin’s Corner – A Draper Thanksgiving

Every year, many Americans sit down with family and loved ones to overindulge with a Thanksgiving Feast.   On average, food consumed on Thanksgiving day is 3,500 calories. Growing up it certainly was my favorite holiday and the one I looked forward to the most.  Before my days of bodybuilding I played football and was a linebacker; I didn’t track macros and I looked forward to getting as many calories in as possible at Thanksgiving Dinner!  I definitely had an inner fat kid in me.

Fast forward to today, Thanksgiving is still one of the Holidays I look forward to most.  However, now I go into the day with a better mindset on food.  I eat sensibly and enjoy the day more for getting together with family and sharing laughter and love.  Reflecting on what we truly should be thankful for!

So, what would my Thanksgiving plate look like you ask?  Since my wife is also on board with enjoying everything in moderation we typically will serve up some of our favorite side dishes that are more on the healthy side.   One of our favorite side dishes is this recipe for Roasted Butternut Squash and Brussel Sprouts with Cranberries, Apples and Onions. Delicious!   Of course I load on the white turkey meat (great lean source of protein).  I also love a baked sweet potato – so simple.  But, my all time favorite Thanksgiving food is stuffing.  Knowing I am going to indulge in it, I tend to keep my carbs lower earlier that day to save room.

As far as activity, we always get a workout in Thanksgiving morning.   Jada Blitz is open for morning hours this year and we have a special bootcamp class at 9:00am as well.

This year, with the arrival of our son Jace, we are starting a new tradition and hosting both sides of the family at our home.  I am really looking forward to a first of many Thanksgiving dinners with our new addition.

Hoping you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones!

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