Jada Blitz Personal Training – Alicia Rothfuss is Proof Positive


Prior to training with Justin Draper, I considered myself fit. Back then, fit meant hours of rigorous cardio, HIIT, little weight training and an untracked diet. The only consistent thing going for me was my weekend drinking. I would go all day without eating and “save my calories” for a night out. I can’t say that Justin was soley the reason I cleaned up my poor eating and drinking habits but I can say that he inspired me and continues to inspire me daily. “It all depends on your goals,” he tells me.

I came to Justin through a referral in attempts to getting help with my squats and building my leg muscles. I’ve now been working with Justin for a year. In that time, I have gone from 117lbs -123lbs. At 123lbs in October of last year, I decided to do a show and compete figure. I had absolutely zero intention of ever competing before training at Jada Blitz. It was Justin’s inspiration and drive that was feeding my motivation to continously push myself. Justin taught me everything I know about Macro nutrients and how to manipulate and tweak my body in this time. We prepped for a little over 20 weeks and on March 14th I stepped on stage at 119 lbs, 2 lbs over what I weighed prior to training with Justin. My body fat went from 18% to 9% on stage. My squats went from 135lbs to 225lbs, deadlifts went from 110lbs to 265lbs and bench went from stuggling with the bar to 115lbs. Not only that but my personal business has grown exponentially as a result of the knowledge gained from Justin through nutrition and fitness. I have never looked or felt better and my strength gains have given me adrenaline to continue being better each day and pushing towards my goals.

I am honored when I tell people that Justin Draper is my coach and take pride in being a part of the Jada Blitz crew. Unlike any other gym, there’s a special comradery amongst us that is unbreakable. You can find workout equipment anywhere but you cannot find people who are going to stand by your side motivating and supporting you, no matter what your goals are with as much enthusiasm as you’ll get at Jada Blitz.


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