Indo-Row is a certified program, using state-of-the-art water rowing machines that encourage a fast-paced, challenging total-body workout. Jada Blitz and RevExpress have teamed up to bring you the first 45-minute class offered in the Northtowns and classes are filling up!

If you’re still wondering what Indo-Row is, our friends at Indo-Row HQ explain it well: “From ‘Skills and Drills’ to ‘Waves and Recoveries,’ and the final build up to a friendly but competitive ‘Race,’ Indo-Row quickly converts first-timers to devoted team members.” Indo-Row is intended for all abilities and fitness levels, as with any workout, you move at your own pace.

At the start of class, each person is paired up with a teammate to create a support system and sense of camaraderie during the class. So get ready to make new fitness friends when you sign up for this class!

Each rowing machine features the Indo-Row® Race/Pace Coach monitor that provides feedback on pace, distance and calories, so you can gauge improvement in each class as well as over time. Snap a photo of your screen before you leave class – you’ll start to see progress quickly.

Here are a few additional facts about Indo-Row that will surely entice you to try out a class:

  • Burn an approximated 400-800 calories/Indo-Row class
  • The rowing stroke uses 9 major muscle groups and 84% of your muscle mass
  • Kind to your body – rowing removes body weight and impact from joints of the hips knees and ankles as a seated exercise
  • Full body functionality – 60% legs, 20% core, 20% arms

Check out the RevExpress class schedule to view the new Indo-Row offerings, TRX+Row, RevFit+Row and new spin class schedule at RevExpress.

A few testimonials from our RevExpress friends who’ve taken their first Indo-Row class:

“I had no idea what to expect out of a 45 minute Indo-Row class. The only time I’ve used a rowing machine was for a couple minutes of going as fast as you can. I learned that it’s more about generating power with good form. With that in mind I quickly learned that it’s one of the best full body workouts out there.” – Kailey

“I absolutely loved the Indo-Row class I took at RevExpress. In addition to the fact that it is a brand new total body workout to me, I found the class to be a perfect balance of challenge and fun. The coaching style and playlist made for an incredibly motivating start to my day!” – Lauren

“Indo-Row is a workout like no other. I expected it to be heavy on the upper body and not really balanced for lower body, and I was shocked to notice that not even 5 minutes into class my glutes and hamstrings were on fire.” – Kate





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