In With the New!

We thought it was time to make some room on the floor for a few new machines. If you haven’t had a chance to use our new pieces of equipment, make sure you check them out. Here’s a brief rundown about each machine and how it can benefit your end result!


Uni-Lateral Leg Press machine: This machine works your glutes, hamstrings and quads. Since no one’s legs are perfectly symmetrical in stance or strength, it’s important to focus on each leg separately at times. This machine makes that task easier. Instead of pressing with both legs (the typical way), you isolate to one.


Seated Leg Curl machine: Your hamstrings will hate you for a day or two after using this machine, but it’s well worth the burn. We all know that squats are the definition of “big” toned legs, however, starting a leg day workout by isolating the hamstrings first sets you up well when you hit that squat rack. If your hamstrings are toned and loosened up, you’re less likely to hurt yourself.


Seated Calf Raise machine: This machine is excellent for isolating the Soleus muscle, which is the smaller of the two calf muscles. When your knees are bent during seated calf raise exercise, your gastrocnemius (other main, larger calf muscle) is deactivated; thereby giving full attention to the soleus. The seated calf raise machine is also great for helping to alleviate those painful shin splints. When your calf is strong, shin splints are less common.

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