Go for the Gold - Motivation is the key to success.

Go for the Gold – Motivation is the key to success

As you watch the Olympics, do you ever stop and wonder what motivates these athletes to workout so intensely everyday? Motivation is the key to success.

Motivation drives us to want to look better, feel better and ultimately live better. However, it’s not uncommon to lose motivation from time to time. This can happen for a variety of reasons: lack of workout variety, busy lifestyle, and more.

Here are a few ways to always make sure you’re performing your best:

  • Keep optimistic thoughts running through your head: Positivity is the key to success. If you resort to “can’t,” you won’t move forward.
  • Find a workout buddy: Choose a friend who has similar goals and abilities as you. Your friends can help provide accountability and push you to do more than you would on your own.
  • Try a workout class: From spinning with Rev@Jada to Operation BootCamp and Blitz Body, there is a class for every body and every ability level. Check out our complete class schedule here. Our classes offer a fun-filled, energizing environment with motivating instructors.
  • Change up the environment: Alternating your scenery keeps a workout exciting. Try a run outside one day and a spin class the next, or if you typically hit the gym in the morning, try going at night.
  • Hire a personal trainer: They have a library of human body knowledge and a massive index of varying exercises. Seek out their expertise and learn new skills. Jada has a variety of trainers on staff each with different interests and lifestyles. Reminder that your first training session is always free with Jada Blitz!

And a few words from Justin Draper himself, on motivation:

“I am a firm believer in consistency and getting into a routine – Over the years, I have developed certain rituals that keep me motivated and on track with my fitness goals. Starting nutritionally – having basic principles that set you up for success. Such things include, pre workout meal – this will enable you to perform better mentally and physically. Watching motivational videos prior to exercise. This can send a signal to the brain to help get you in the right state of mind. Listening to music or creating a playlist that also “pumps you up” for your gym session. Bottom line, whatever you choose to do, make sure that it’s something you can adhere and look forward to.”

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