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Which Fitness Tracker is Right for You?

A few years ago, you could go to Best Buy or Target, and purchase a Fitbit…because that was all that existed. Nowadays, the decision on which fitness tracker to invest in is not as simple; there are so many to choose from. Which one is right for you? An even better question: are they worth the money?

Fitness trackers are a great addition for those needing a little push to move throughout the day; but they are also perfect for avid athletes, looking to track their heart rate and intense workouts.

We are going to breakdown a few of the more popular models.

Fitbit Charge 2: This is one of Fitbit’s newest trackers, and it includes a heart rate monitor. The heart rate monitor is an added bonus if you’re a cardio-lover, because you can track just how intense your workouts are by how hard your heart is working. This tracker also features: automatic sleep monitoring, auto exercise recognition, reminders to move when you’ve been sitting too long, flights of stairs climbed, text/phone call alerts, has a decent battery life of approximately 5 days and much more. (starts at $149.99)


Jawbone Up 4: Similar to its Fitbit competitor, the Jawbone wristband features in-depth sleep tracking, activity tracking, a smart coach to help you make healthier decisions and heart rate monitoring. A feature making this band very unique is its AMEX pay, which allows users to easily pay for a post-workout protein shake after a sweat session, without having to worry about carrying around your wallet. (starts at $199.99)


Garmin Vivofit: This band is not far behind the Fitbit and Jawbone. The Vivofit tracks many of the same features that the Fitbit and Jawbone are capable of, but it does not track your heartrate and for that reason, is a bit less expensive than its competitors. The Garmin is excellent for setting and tracking daily goals, reminds you to move and it tracks sleep, but not as extensively as the Fitbit or Jawbone. (starts at $99.99)


Overall, investing in a fitness tracker won’t let you down. It is thought that people who wear fitness trackers typically are more active than those without trackers, because they are more aware of their activity levels, however, you need to find the right one for your lifestyle. If sleep tracking is important to you, try the Fitbit or Jawbone, but if you’re looking for a more basic tracker, the Vivofit may be perfect. Remember, there are many additional trackers beyond the three listed in this article, so do your research before you run to Best Buy. Happy tracking!

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