Family Matters

Many of the services offered at a typical fitness center will include smelly locker rooms, mold-infested showers, and maybe dumbbells that don’t have a coating of rust, if you’re lucky. What you will never see under the “services” online tab, is a “group of supporters who can provide encouragement and motivation whenever you are in need”. A fitness facility is the center for much more than exercise and sweat. The entire process of activating your muscles, reaching a new PR, or shedding off some of that excess body fat may seem entirely physical. We all know that this is not true. The mentality that it takes to be productive at the gym is far more complex than the physical work we put in. When calculating the mental strength that is necessary to be successful in the gym, day in and day out, one must factor in every single variable present in one’s home and work life- every stress, every responsibility, and every minute of sleep that we miss out on. A fitness center needs people present at every hour who can provide each other with support, inspiration, or maybe just an ear to listen. You simply cannot reach your optimal potential without this. I consider myself blessed to a part of a fitness community that can motivate and energize one another. To us, it is no “service”. We support each other because we are no typical fitness center- We are a family.

By Hallie Mayo

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