Deadlifting Competition June 13th 2015

Two of Jada Blitz’s own, Cynthia Winnie and Russell Wayne, recently competed at the Dead Dunk Pig 2 Deadlifting Meet on June 13th at Woodlawn Beach. Russell Wayne, a personal trainer at Jada Blitz, and Cynthia Winnie, a client at Jada Blitz, not only competed but excelled and brought home the hardware at this event. Each of their individual stories show the pride, dedication, and determination it takes to partake in powerlifting meets. It also displays a relationship between client and trainer and how it turned into that of teamwork and true friendship.

Congratulations to you both – we are so proud of you!

Cynthia’s Story

Leading up to the competition, Cynthia trained for nearly 6 months, 6 days a week. Her training schedule broke down to:

  1. One day of strict deadlifting with Russ
  2. One focus day on squats, back and glutes
  3. A third lower body day that consisted of deficit deadlifts and rack pulls
  4. Three other days focused on upper body and working on grip strength.

Cynthia is also a Zumba enthusiast, so she would incorporate both Zumba classes and running for her cardio program.

Nutrition was an integral component in Cynthia’s training regimen. Leading up to the competition, Cynthia continued with her established macronutrient goals to maintain her weight. The week prior to the competition, Cynthia performed a “deload” week, meaning she decreased the weight of her lifts, incorporated light cardio and also reduced her carbohydrate intake.

Preparing for any type of competition can feel stressful, and at times close to impossible. Cynthia spoke openly about self doubt through out the process. However, with Russ as her coach and teammate helping her through some difficult times, Cynthia was able to rebuild her confidence and work through her doubts.

Cynthia competed in the 44 – 49 year–old women, 165 pound weight class. An impressive accomplishment, Cynthia said that she learned a lot during her first competition. She was in the first of two flights which depended on her first lift. The State record was 220 pounds, so together Russ and Cynthia decided to make her first lift at 225 pounds. For Cynthia, this was an easy lift. Cynthia’s second lift was at 242 pounds and the third lift surpassed her personal best of 259 pounds. This impressive lift qualified her for a fourth lift. Cynthia chose to attempt a lift of 265 pounds and with Russ behind her, guiding her and supporting her, she did it.

Cynthia took first place in her class and lifted 45 pounds heavier than the State Record. Out of 15 women, Cynthia is the third oldest woman in the competition and lifted the third heaviest weight. Cynthia attributes her strength, confidence, and guts to do this to Russ and the Jada Blitz Family supporting her along the way. However, we may have been her support, but she achieved this through her own will-power and strength to reach a new personal goal. THE WILL TO WIN MUST COME FROM WITHIN.

Russ’s Story

Russ, a personal trainer at Jada Blitz, had decided to do the meet about a month out of the competition. Since Russ’ training had been consistent for a long period of time leading up to this decision, he was able to go into it feeling confident and ready. He used a power lifting training program called the Cube to get himself ready in the week’s leading up to the competition. “One of the biggest pushes for me to do this was because I’ve been training my client Cynthia for the competition and wanted to support her by doing the meet as well,” said Russ. “I wanted to show her the support and that together we could both succeed.” Russ felt that he and Cynthia went into the met as a team and complete support system for one another. And like Cynthia, Russ also killed his lifts and had a blast doing it.

Russ took 1st in his weight class (165) and also received the Men’s overall outstanding lifter award. “To be honest, that was COMPLETELY unexpected for me, receiving that award,” Russ said.

A week prior to the meet, Russ was able to reduce his body weight to 162 lbs. He did this through manipulating his macronutrients and water intake to lose the last 5 lbs he needed for weigh-in. Russ’ heaviest lift of the day was 502lbs!! As a true competitor, Russ “zones-out” and experiences tunnel vision before his lifts. He fires himself up and finds that will inside of him to carry it out. You can almost see the fire inside of him as he amps himself up.

“I felt such pride, not only for myself, but more so for Cynthia,” Russ said after the competition. “I helped train her to reach this accomplishment and it was such a great journey for the both of us.”

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