Contest Prep

Preparing for a physique contest is a long and meticulous journey that requires knowledge, experience and dedication.  The Jada Blitz Training coaching staff offers both online and local physique consulting and contest preparation services.  Our coaching staff is led by Justin Draper and Michael Davis – both experienced competitive natural bodybuilders.  Each bringing to the game a high level of expertise and thorough knowledge of the the preparation process.  As conditioning specialists, the team continues to create winning & PRO athletes who bring their best possible package to stage, and help launch the careers of bodybuilders, figure competitors and bikini models. 

Each program is molded and adapted to an athletes individual need’s.  Whether you are just starting as a first time competitor, or are an experienced competitor who needs assistance in bringing you to that next level.  There are a variety of training packages to chose from to help you successfully lose weight, reduce bodyfat, increase your metabolism with flexible dieting, build lean muscle mass, execute flawless posing, and bring in that conditioning that you need to take home the prize.  

Throughout the process each athlete will have access to a support network 24/7 and a team collaboration from our coaching staff.  Our packages can be tailored to include: 

  • Customized weight training program throughout your journey OR if local, one-on-one personal training sessions with one of our coaches. 
  • In-depth nutritional program, designed to meet your needs and to get you the most conditioned physique possible to bring to the stage. Covering all variables, such as: daily macro and micro nutrient needs, peak week programming, fluid intake, meal timing, supplementation,  etc. 
  • Customized cardiovascular program designed to be a catalyst to fat loss and helping maintain lean muscle mass. 
  • Posing coaching in-person or via Skype to ensure that you know how to show off your best assets come competition day. 
  • Weekly updates and analysis of progress and manipulation of individual plan to ensure significant time to get stage ready

Please contact us today at today to inquire about our services. 

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    Hello! Ive been training for 2 years solid now and currently weight 145 and am 5’7″. I really wanna compete in shows but don’t know where to begin!

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