Hard work. Dedication.

Two tools that I feel are the essential building blocks to success. With a passion to succeed, anyone can make a change to living a happier and more confident lifestyle.

Fitness Coaching internally inspires the heart and mind of a person; the passing of knowledge from one to another.

New skills are established in helping find fitness-esteem to learn about persistence in health and the true-grit necessary to stay organized, structured, and be able to deduce and measure results, while having a blast getting fit!

My bodybuilding journey

At the start of 2012, I contacted Justin to help me take the next steps on my journey. Not only was his physique extremely impressive, but his demeanor and politeness made him very approachable. After getting my training and nutrition in order, we went straight into contest prep for my first natural bodybuilding competition. Throughout the whole process Justin was very attentive to my progress and did a great job of explaining each step in detail. In September of 2012, I competed in the INBF Super Natural and won the overall novice. After my show I also earned a sponsorship from the UK based clothing company V3 Apparel. After my competition, I realized I wanted to help others achieve their goals and aspirations, whether it be to win a competition, gain muscle, or just improve their quality of life. With Justin as a mentor, I have been able to evolve my knowledge of training and nutrition. Now, with Justin’s philosophies and an in-depth knowledge of training and nutrition, I’m anxious to help more people change their lives. I am as passionate about my client’s success as I am about my own. There is no better feeling than knowing you have helped someone live a happier and healthier lifestyle. If you’re looking for a change then I want to help you to reach your goals. Contact me and let’s start taking the first steps on your journey!

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