Spencer Ulrich Client of the Week

Client of the Week – Spencer Ulrich

In Spring 2013 my weight ballooned to over 250lbs. I was always sick, exhausted, and lived a completely sedentary lifestyle – food was the only thing that made me happy. I finally came to the realization that some changes had to be made.

Frustrated with my failures with “dieting” I decided to focus on permanent, long-term, lifestyle changes. Over the next two years I adapted a 90% paleo diet (tequila and wine are too good to give up), learned to cook, started jogging and picked up beach volleyball.

As a result, I lost 60lbs, eliminated all my pre-existing health issues and shifted my lifestyle into one that was very active – making health the priority. I thought I had it all and my confidence was at an all time high. What could go wrong?

Skiing. Went a little too fast. My binding was supposed to release but my knee chose to instead. What should’ve been a vacation of a lifetime up in Quebec ended instead with a torn ACL, MCL, and lateral meniscus. Not to mention a bruised ego.

After undergoing an ACL reconstruction, I told myself I only had one chance to get this recovery right. The more I learned about my injury and the imbalances I had, the more I realized I was always lacking one crucial aspect – I never properly strength-trained.

Training at Jada Blitz Training has been one of the major influences on my recovery. Sam has developed a training regimen (physical therapist approved) that works flawlessly around my limitations with my knee and has me building strength week by week. He has been motivational and pushed me to my limits each session, and I’m amazed at the results I’ve had after only one month.

I love training at Jada Blitz because everyone is friendly, motivated, and hardworking. The gym itself is very clean, and the layout promotes a sense of community. The variety of equipment, in addition to Sam’s workouts, give me new challenges each time visit. Looking forward to my return to sports from injury in the spring – I’ll certainly be stronger than ever thanks to Sam and Jada Blitz!

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