Client of the Week – Roger Zimmerman

I have been a New York State licensed massage therapist for almost twenty years.  It feels like I have always wanted to get into a good workout regimen, knowing if I could get a little stronger I could be a more effective massager. But finding a good place and a good trainer was tough. My schedule, thank God, is pretty packed, so I needed a routine that wouldn’t interfere with my ability to do my job while making progress at the same time. After getting rave reviews from a bunch of my clients, I made an appointment with Justin at Jada, at which time he introduced me to one of the greatest trainers ever! True, Caroline kicks my butt, but our half hour sessions are productive, focused, a lotta fun and I’ve never felt like I did substandard massages afterwards.  We’re going on two months and I feel better every day! Thanks Jada and thanks  Caroline!

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