Client of the Week – Jeff Benesch

Adam I owe you a big thank you.  You have done so much for me, and our relationship means a lot to me.  It’s always good to have great people in my corner.  Everyone at Jada Blitz has been very supportive, friendly and outgoing.

Over the years, my diet was never really great.  But I had always been very active, with sports.  As I grew older I became less involved with sports, and my physical activity decreased.  I would let myself get away with eating  meals that I shouldn’t.  My weight got away from me.  

I knew that I wanted to play in a  few golf tournaments this summer and I wanted to put pieces into place to ensure that I played well.  That’s what got me to walk through the doors of Jada Blitz.  I started with working out two days a week training with Adam.  Every time I left the gym it was a great feeling, my confidence was sky high, and I was working towards an overall goal.  After the first tournament I started working out more at Jada Blitz, three times a week.  I was hooked.  It was a pretty wild feeling during my golf swing where I can feel my lats pull down and fire, and I roll my hand and I feel my abs control my follow through. Adam and I worked to refine my eating plan/meals, that is a big help as well.  Working out at Jada Blitz is the one thing that I will continue to do because I like the results that I am getting.   It’s the best lifestyle change I have done.

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