Semi-Personal Training Classes

Client of the Week – Janice Malecki and Kristen Eberhart

I have been coming to Jada Blitz for almost two years now. Originally, I started with the boot camps, but last October, I started the semi-private personal training sessions with one of my Best Friends of over 30 years. I have always been into fitness and nutrition and shortly upon walking into Jada Blitz, I knew I was in the best gym in Western New York. 

What do I love about Jada Blitz? Absolutely everything. From the moment you walk in the door, the atmosphere is amazing. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. All the personal trainers are so knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition, which is very important to me. The equipment is top notch, the facilities themselves are bright and clean, as well as the music that always puts you in the right mindset to have a great workout! 

My personal trainer Danielle:

Danielle Is a former student at the High School I teach at so going into training, I already had the comfort level of knowing who she was. She pushes Janice and I to our limits every session and I absolutely love it. She always challenges me and constantly changes things up so the workouts are always rigorous and fresh. She always has a smile on her face and makes these grueling workouts FUN! I look forward to coming to Jada Blitz because even though the workouts are intense and difficult, it’s fun at the same time! 

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