Client of the Week – Angela Hess

April 1st  of this year was no time to fool around.  It was the day I decided to forego the excuses and take time to invest in myself at Jada Blitz.

For as long as I can remember being active was a huge component of my life, but as I set out to accomplish my career dream I let a healthier lifestyle fall to the wayside. In March I heard about Jada Blitz and decided that there was no more room for excuses… That’s when I decided to join. I can’t say I knew much about Jada before walking through the doors, I just knew that their reputation was one that surpassed the others. Walking in you don’t feel like a client but more like a team. A team dedicated to build you up to be the best you that you can also lean on if you’re having an “off” day. There’s something to be said about people all striving to be their best and working to achieve similar goals. The atmosphere is a constant reminder of that, every rep you do or mile you run you’re there to win.

I started on semi-private training with Aubree. Aubree’s personality was as captivating as it was inspiring. As our semi’s ended I decided I wanted to continue my sessions 1:1 . Aubree’s  same inspiration poured over in to the 1:1 session, with a stronger drive to help me accomplish my goals. The ability she has to motivate me and push me past anything I thought I was capable of is astonishing.  Yes, she is my trainer but treating me like her friend is something that I truly look at as an honor. Joking in between sets, chatting about life, genuinely taking  personal interest in my goals and success is just half of why I look forward to my sessions with Aubree.

Because of Jada and Aubree, I have noticed strength in more than just muscle. Mentally I feel stronger, knowing I can accomplish what I set out to do. Gone are the days of excuses (Aubree wouldn’t let me make one even if I tried). Physically, I see growth in areas I never thought I would . Muscle groups I never dedicated time to, struggling to complete a set, I now can do with ease. Joining Jada Blitz has helped me jump start the formation of who I strive to be….and for that I am thankful!

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