Client of the Week – Gregory Schaffer

Describe your ongoing fitness journey
I realized I needed to start working out when my back issues started. Being overweight, coupled with a damaged L5 nerve and my SI joint being out made for a miserable life. Once I got my back fixed enough, I signed up at Jada Blitz and started training with Nick. Since then I have lost 17 lbs and my back is doing great!

Whats your #1 favorite body part to train and why?
My favorite part of my body to work out is my core. The better my core gets, the better I know my back is going to be!

What is your favorite aspect about Jada Blitz?
The trainers and staff at Jada Blitz. They’re always there to say hi, give a word or two of encouragement, or help correct something you might be doing wrong. They’re all a great bunch of people!

Favorite pre and post workout meals?
My favorite preworkout food is a protein shake, quick and easy. My favorite post workout meal is grilled chicken and veggies. There’s nothing better to refuel than chicken done with a good rub, and fresh veggies grilled over charcoal, giving them both a nice smokey flavor!

One attribute about you love about your trainer?
One aspect I love about Nick is his sense of humor. He makes working out fun, like a social get together, as opposed to a dry drill Sargent like some of the trainers I’ve had in the past.

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