Client of The Week – Emily Heeter!

1.) Describe your ongoing fitness journey

I started at Jada Blitz, I was doing about an hour of cardio everyday and couldn’t understand why I wasn’t getting any results. In highschool I participated in cross country and track so being fit was always important to me, but as I got older I realized just running wasn’t going to give me the results I wanted! A friend recommended me to Jada Blitz, and the minute I walked in I knew I wanted to join. I started training with Brett, almost a year ago and was shocked by how much better I felt and the way my body was changing by lifting weights vs. just doing cardio. A year ago, I had no idea how to accurately workout. Now, being able to deadlift and squat heavy weight is such a great feeling! I have expanded my knowledge so much and everytime I leave, I feel I learn something new. I’m not only physically stronger, but mentally as well.
2.) Whats your #1 favorite body part to train?  why?

Legs!!! These workouts are the most challenging for me, but definitely are my favorite. I love how many different exercises you can do. I’ve always been the most insecure about my legs and now I’m happy to say that I’m growing to like them. I also love working out my back, because when I started I didn’t understand mind-muscle connection and once I got that down it became one of my favorites.
3.) What is your favorite aspect about your journey at Jada Blitz?

The best part of Jada Blitz is the energy! I’ve never been to a gym where there was so much positive energy. It truly is contagious. The people are so supportive and friendly and constantly are motivating one another. You never have to worry about feeling self conscious because there are people at all different fitness levels trying to achieve their own personal goals. It doesn’t take long to see that each and every trainer truly cares about their client and their success not just while at Jada but outside of the gym as well!
4.) Favorite pre and post workout?

I like to keep things simple. I usually workout in the mornings, so I’ll have oatmeal and eggwhites with spinach for a preworkout meal. Sometimes I’ll throw a little peanut butter in my oatmeal. For a post workout meal, I usually always have a protein shake with some fruit and rice cakes. I am also obsessed with Quest bars so sometimes I’ll have one of those to give me my chocolate fix.
5.) What is one attribute about your trainer that you love? 

Brett constantly keeps me motivated, even on days when I’m not feeling my best. If I have any questions or concerns about workouts or my nutrition he always is there and makes sure I’m keeping up with my workouts while I’m not training with him. I know that he cares about my personal goals . I also didn’t think it was possible to feel like you’re dying from a workout AND be having fun at the same time! It is never boring at the Blitz.

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