Client of the Week – Bob Royal

1) Describe your ongoing fitness journey
– I started training consistently to enhance performance in sports in college, but after I got sidelined by numerous injuries I decided I didn’t need to keep training the same way. I decided to focus on aesthetics and did a lot of research to see what lifting regiments and nutrition needs I should focus on and after hitting a plateau for a log time I realized I needed help to reach my goals. After consulting with Justin and Mike I realized Jada Blitz was the place for me. I am currently working towards a show worthy physique.

2) Whats your #1 favorite body part to train? why?
-For me it’s a tie between legs and chest. I love training legs because to have a truly great physique you need to look good from top to bottom, and legs are the foundation for several lifts. I love training chest because it’s my weakest body part. I find it challenging and look forward to building strength and defining my overall physique.

3) What is your favorite aspect about your journey at Jada Blitz?
-The sense of camaraderie. Everyone fuels everyone else with intensity, and positive critiquing. I’ve been in a LOT of gyms where people are rude, hog equipment and prefer staring, instead of cheering on and offering advice.

4) Favorite pre and post workout meals?
-Favorite pre workout meal is Proatmeal (protein powder and oatmeal). Sometimes with a bit of peanut butter. It’s quick to eat and easy on the stomach. Favorite post is ground turkey, brown rice and some red hot and sriracha.

5) One attribute about you love about your trainer?
-Mike is incredibly knowledgeable about competition training routines and nutrition and he truly is invested in the success of his clients. If you put in 100% you c an guarantee Mike will put in 110%

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