Client of the Week

This week’s shout out goes to Andrew Calabrese!


1. In the summer of 2013 I went to Florence Italy to study abroad for a little over 40 days. I went there at about 140 lbs. and was already considered really skinny. After walking usually 10 miles a day in 90+ temperatures I came back to Buffalo weighing 125 lbs. In December of that year I joined Jada Blitz.  I talked with Adam and started training at Jada Blitz 3 times a week. I currently weigh 151 lbs. and feel and look healthier than ever.

2. My favorite body part to train would probably have to be legs. When I first started working out with Adam I loved doing legs because it was what pushed me to my limits the most. Having a good leg day always felt so rewarding.

3. My favorite aspect about my journey at Jada Blitz would have to be the people that make up the gym. Every single person that belongs there is always nice and friendly. No one is judgemental of where a person may be on their particular fitness journey.

4. Food and diet is still a very difficult aspect for me. Food and culture has been my passion since I was a little kid so my diet isn’t exactly ideal for fitness. That is the one factor that will take me to the next level with the help of my Jada Blitz family.  My sister and mother have recently went on a health food craze which I have slowly started to adopt. My favorite meal would have to be sriracha salmon over brown rice with broccoli and avocado.

5. One attribute I love about Adam is that he is one of my best friends outside of the gym. Not only do I get to see him more but I get watch him share his wealth of fitness knowledge

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