Jada Blitz Gym Client of the Week

Client of the Week

This week’s shout out goes to Ashley Czechowski! Here is a little bit about Ashley’s journey

My fitness journey is a bit different. I have always loved working out and have done it since I was a teenager. I started lifting about two and a half years ago and decided about a year ago that I wanted to take it to the next level and really challenge myself. And for me, the next level was to compete in a fitness show at the figure level. And to make that goal happen, I decided to go to Jada Blitz. I had heard good things about the gym and I knew their competitors did extremely well at shows. And after working with Alex and training at the gym, I can see why it has such a great reputation. I am currently in the process of training for my first show in seven short weeks.

What is your favorite body part to train?
Favorite body part to train: Thats a tough question. But I would have to say shoulders and arms. I love seeing the pump, my muscles and striations. It pushes me to keep going and to keep my muscles growing.

What is your go to jam for a workout?
Go to Jam to get me pumped: I don’t really have just one—its usually a series of songs that gets me going. Anything from Kid Ink’s “Real Recognize” to “No Easy Way Out” from the Rocky soundtrack.

Favorite Pre-Post workout meals: It depends on the day, but I usually try to have a good amount of carbs pre-workout and I always follow up my workouts with a protein shake with glutamine.

What is one attribute you love about your trainer?
When I first started working with Alex, I was not sure I could get to where I wanted to be and I told Alex that I always wanted him to be honest about my progress and whether he thought I would get to the stage in the time I hoped. And from the beginning he was and he still is. One of my favorite things is when he comments on a muscle and jokes about how it got there. He is motivating, reliable and dependable and talks me off the ledge when I start doubting myself. When I get to the stage it will not only be a win for me—but I know that he will be equally as proud and happy for me.

Why should someone looking for a gym try Jada Blitz: I think Jada Blitz can help anyone at any level of fitness—whether you are a beginner or looking to hit the stage. They also offer classes and nutrition for people who struggle with the diet portion. The people who work at Jada Blitz are friendly. The environment in the gym is great—I love the music and the layout of the gym. I also think the size of the gym is just right—its never too crowded and you can always get the job done.

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