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This weeks shout out goes to Sarah Hartman…congratulations!  Here is a little bit about Sarah’s fitness journey

I have always loved being fit and active; however, starting a graduate school program and working full time derailed my personal fitness and healthy lifestyle.  I struggled to consistently workout and picked up some unhealthy eating habits.  Just over a year ago I decided to stop thinking about working out and make a change.  I came to Jada Blitz’s Open House on Transit Road  with some of my friends who were already members.  This is where I decided to go through and start training with Steph.  I was looking to be pushed and to create accountability, but what I have received is so much more!

1.) Why did you choose Jada Blitz as your fitness facility?

After coming to the Jada Blitz Open House, I decided to train with Steph.  I liked how the gym was smaller and has an upbeat vibe to it.


2.)  How does your trainer motivate you through a workout?

Steph is extremely supportive and does not let you quit when the workouts get hard.  She will cheer you on and not let you get down on yourself.  SHe keeps you in the “here and now” and is focused on her clients the entire time we are training.


3.)  What is your favorite body part to train and why?

Push-pull day is my favorite.  It feels incredibly empowering to bench press or dead-lift, and feel confident in my ability to do so.  Chest and back are the areas where I have noticed the most progress in myself.  It feels good to be able to see all that hard work pay off.


4.)  Do you have a go to jam that gets you pumped for a workout?

I don’t think I have one specific song but the “Emergency Radio” station on Pandora is one of my favorites to put on when working out.


5.)  Favorite pre-post work out meal?

My go to post workout meal is a shake with Vega Sport Chocolate Protein Powder.


6.)  What is one attribute you love about your trainer?
I love how genuine Steph is.  She always has an upbeat attitude and is receptive to her clients needs.  I love how she switches up workouts.  I am always learning something new with Steph.


7.)  Why should someone looking for a fitness facility come to Jada Blitz?

One of my personal favorite attributes about Jada Blitz is that it is a locally owned gym.  Going local is important to me and I believe everyone should support local Buffalo businesses like this one!

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