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Congratulations goes out to Maribeth Insana!!!  Here is a little bit about Maribeth’s journey

I started working with Justin just over 2 years ago.  Although I have always enjoyed working out and being active, Justin has taught me the benefits of having a consistent plan in and outside of the gym.  In the past 2 years, I have improved my form with many exercise movements, especially squats and deadlifts.  I have also hit many PR’s (Personal Records) along the way.  Being consistent with my daily nutrition has taught me that my body can change while finding a balance.  For the first time in a long time, my relationship with food has improved.  I try to fuel my body for my workouts and have learned that planning for each day is key.  I have been working with Justin on a mini-cut and have lost about 5 lbs so far using the IIFYM approach.  I don’t restrict any foods and eat based on my goals for each day.  I’m happy with my progress so far and focused to keep it going.

1.) Why did you choose Jada Blitz?

The atmosphere at the Blitz is like no other.  The best feeling is being in a place where others share your passion for fitness and are there to support and push you.  I encourage everyone that is looking for a change to check out Jada Blitz.  You will find the guidance, support, and high energy atmosphere that will help you reach your fitness goals.

2.)  How does your trainer motivate you through a workout?

Justin always pushes me to my limit during sessions.  We have built a trust with one another and I always know when I come in to train I will learn something new that day.  When is gets tough, Justin doesn’t let me stop.  If I am lifting heavy he amps me up before hand and is there to support and guide me.  Sometimes I get the occasional “bark” too when needed of course 🙂  He has helped me believe in myself and know that I can accomplish my goals.

3.)  What is your favorite body part to train…and why?

My favorite body part to train is legs!!!  I enjoy the love/hate relationship and always feel satisfaction after a tough leg day.  Recently I have been enjoying back workouts too.  The mind-body connection is everything!

4.)  Do you have a favorite go to jam that gets you pumped for your workout?

Lately, Nelly’s Pandora station and J Bieber’s new releases have been pumping me up for workouts.

5.)  What are your favorite pre-post workout meals?

I like to keep my pre and post workout meals pretty simple.  Pre-workout: usually chicken, red or sweet potatoes, and some vegetables.  Post-workout: Cinnamon French toast with egg white scramble or chicken stir fry.

6.)  What is one attribute you love about your trainer?

Justin is constantly pushing me and helping me to believe in myself.  Even on those days that I am not feeling my best, Justin is always honest and thoughtful with feedback and helps me to stay focused on my goals.  He has helped me develop my mental strength and become more confident in myself.  I admire most that Justin leads the lifestyle that he teaches to all of his clients.  I am so grateful to have an amazing trainer, coach, and friend – many thanks to Justin and the Blitz Team for the constant support on my journey.

7.)  Why should someone who is looking for a fitness facility come to Jada Blitz?

The best part of Jada Blitz is connecting with other clients, members, and trainers/staff.  The Blitz Team is so supportive and always willing to help.  Since joining Jada Blitz, I have met many people that are now friends.  Although we are all working towards our own individual goals, we share a common goal to improve ourselves and become better than we once were.  No matter the time of day, the atmosphere at Jada Blitz is motivating and uplifting.  Even on those days when is may be a struggle to workout, I am inspired by others around me to push forward and do better.

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