Client of the Week

This weeks shout out goes to Jewel Askew!!

My fitness journey has been like a rollercoaster for the past 3 years.  However most recently I’ve lost 38.5 lbs. since January of this year!  My favorite body part to train would have to be my lower body (legs / butt).  I feel as strong as an ox when I train lower body. Some of the exercises are challenging for me at times, but hey…I’m always up for a challenge.  The thing I love most about Jada Blitz and my fitness journey here is the positive, inspiring, and family orientated atmosphere that I always feel when I’m there.  My favorite pre and post workout meals would consist of protein shakes and green smoothies…quick, simple, and healthy.  It has been a pleasure knowing my trainer, Stephanie, for 3 years now.  There are so many things I admire about Steph.  She motivates me mentally, physically, and spiritually.  She is very passionate about her lifestyle, work, and her clients.  Stephanie is so genuine and honest.  Steph is more than just a trainer to me…she is my cousin (inside joke)

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