Cardio vs Weight Training

Cardio vs Weight Training

A frequent question that is asked is, “How many days of cardio vs weight training should one do in order to lose weight?”

This is not a one size fits all answer. The balance between cardio versus weight training needed to lose weight depends on various factors. When the goal is to lose weight, the primary focus should be around weight training. Cardio should then be supplemented either to create a larger caloric deficit or to help with increase your metabolic rate. Weight training will allow you to maintain lean muscle mass which burns more calories.

Some of the varying factors to determine the right balance for an individual are: sex, age, current fitness level, percentage of lean muscle mass, and history of training and diet. Everyone has a different metabolic rate and focusing solely on cardio could put you in a catabolic state.

When looking to lose weight, a metabolic state of cardio is often most beneficial. Often called HIIT. We offer various classes that I feel are great additions to your weight training program to get in a metabolic conditioning workout it: Tabata/HIIT (w/Danielle Martzolf), Operation Bootcamp (w/Jessica Colarusso), Blitz Cardio (w/ Stephanie Spzila) and our signature Blitz Body class.

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