Clients of the Week – George

Fitness Journey I started my fitness journey when I moved back to Western NY in the summer of 2017 but became frustrated as I wasn’t sure what to do for exercise and I wasn’t seeing any results. In the past I was able to run, but now I was too overweight and didn’t want to […]

My Top 7 Essential Supplements for Any Gym-Goer

I tried to start this blog half a dozen times only to realize there is no way to put together an awesome introduction without over complicating my point. So, here I go, plain and simple. If you think going to the gym and eating right is enough to make you healthy, you are wrong. Creating […]


My journey started in October of 2017. Tired and stressed out Momma with a hard working and very busy husband!! I decided I needed an outlet. Adam & Jada Blitz have exceeded my expectations!! Let’s be honest, if Momma isn’t strong in Mind & BODY, then everything else lacks! Adam has successfully helped me to […]

Clients of the Week – Denise, Jen and Laurie

Denise, Jen and Laurie have been working out together for years. Changing it up at Jada Blitz has been such a positive experience for us all.  Working with Justin has been great as he is so helpful with not just our training but helping us to understand how our eating habits can affect not only […]

How often do you train to failure?

There are a few things you should know about this training method. We’ll start with the obvious: bench pressing until you’ve hit a point where you can barely get the bar back up off your chest—and you’re not maxing out—will certainly help you spur muscle growth. While this statement is true, reaching a point of […]

Client of the Week – Steven M

Over the past few years, I had been struggling with staying fit and maintaining a healthy weight the older I became. As a member of the New York Air National Guard, we are required to maintain a level of fitness and are tested on it once a year. My morale hit rock bottom when I […]