Client of the Week – Nicole

I am a mom of 3 kids, a nurse, and a student. As someone who tried every fad/rapid result diet out there, only to have the weight come back plus some, I knew I needed something different. I was introduced to Jada by a friend and decided to meet up with Justin. After getting my […]

Client of the Week – Marc

Worked out on my own, but workouts seemed to be getting pretty lame. Motivation was there, but really nothing pushing me to get better. I came to Jada Blitz and started working out with Adam. Our 30 minute sessions bring the intensity and creativity of new wave training that I was looking for. Rarely doing […]

Client of the Week – Leandra

This is the easiest thing I’ve ever wrote because the amount of fantastic things I love about the Jada itself, the Jada fam, and Justin are an endless list. It goes beyond just being a client I realized…Jada blitz is a family. A family i couldn’t be more appreciative and happy to be a part […]

10 Health Hacks for Busy Bodies

We found the sneakiest ways to look great, feel great and get happy in spite of your crowded schedule. “You have to work at being healthy,” people tell you—mostly people who don’t have to, it seems. “You have to commit to it,” they say—mostly people who appear to have plenty of time on their hands. […]


This past weekend I had some time to reflect on my fitness career and everything that lead me to where I am now with Jada Blitz Training. “Your challenges, if you let them, will become your greatest allies. Mountains can crush or raise you, depending on which side of the mountain you choose to stand […]