Client of the Week – Hillery

For years I wanted to get into bodybuilding. I was already physically active and in all honesty, I was close to looking the part too, despite my tiny stature. I played collegiate level field hockey back in the day and I now serve as a volunteer firefighter. Yet, I wanted to challenge myself even more and […]

Reflections Of A Weight Loss Journey

One year. 12 months. 365 days. 8,760 hours. 525,600 minutes. On September 20, 2017, Jada Blitz Training member Ashley Paul celebrated a very memorable day. Having known Ashley for over a year now, I can attest that her spirit is both powerful, humbling, and beautiful. She emulates a genuine and compassionate take on life, something […]

Core Nutritionals – The Inside Scoop on Why We Chose to Crush It

There has never been anything more perplexing to me than trying to figure out the proper supplementation stack that not only compliments my body and goals but also doesn’t cost me a fortune for a list of ingredients I can hardly pronounce. Product label intimidation should never be experienced when choosing a supplement. Trust me, […]

Four Simple Reasons Why You’re Not Seeing Results

Last weekend, a client of mine stopped me mid-conversation and said, “I see the scale, and I am overwhelmed with discouragement and frustration.” We have been working together for over three months, diligently, inside and outside of the gym. Yet, despite their commitment to both personal training and nutrition services, nothing has changed. Time and […]

Client of the Week – Audrey

I decided to work with Justin five months ago to gain control of my health and to become overall healthier and stronger. I saw the success stories of his training and I knew he was the one I had to work with. As a breast cancer survivor and having gone through surgery and treatment it […]

Client of the Week – Chris

I started training at Jada Blitz about three months ago after being dissatisfied with my own workout routines. I was new to the area and a friend highly recommended Jada. My initial consultation was with Justin who gathered some basic background information then put me through a ten minute trial workout, which was more challenging […]