The Best Healthy and Fit Gift Tips for Dad

On the drive to work this morning, Janet Snyder was talking about the best gifts for dad, after clearly emphasizing the things to stay away from. Tools was the one that stuck out in her voice, on the other end of the spectrum, don’t go for the tie, she warned.

Believe it or not, there are so many other ways to please dad than a brand new tool kit or a pair of socks for Father’s Day. Just spend the day with him. Give him extra special love and attention and consider one of these free, outdoor, fun ideas.

  1. Plan a picnic lunch at Delaware Park then take a jog around the sprawling land, or pick up a racket and throw a tennis ball around for a bit.
  2. Take a trip to Ithaca and hike the trails, taking in all the breathtaking scenery around you (or head to a local park for a more convenient spot).
  3. Make dad an egg scramble for breakfast and talk about life. Scratch the expensive brunch reservations, in a lout, bustling environment.
  4. Head to Jada Blitz Training for a Blitz Body Bootcamp class specifically for dads and kids! This is a free class, beginning at 9am and there’s even a free shake for dad at the end, from our Blitz Bar. Click here to sign up!

Celebrate dad on Sunday and however you choose to do it, let it be about him.

We hope to see you on Sunday before you head to Ithaca or Delaware Park!

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