Gina Mattioli – Her Journey and Tranformation

I Joined Jada Blitz Training on in September of 2015 and my life was forever changed.  Shows I competed in this year: DFAC Buffalo : 3rd place Bikini Open Short INBF Natural USA Championships: 1st Place Bikini Open Short From the moment I stepped foot in the door at Jada Blitz I fell in love. […]

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It’s All About the Protein

After a workout, you grab your blender bottle or a shake from Jada’s Shake Bar and gulp down 20 grams of protein in minutes. But do you know how important consuming adequate protein in a timely fashion following a workout and also enough throughout your day is? Don’t Google “protein”; you’ll find a list over […]

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Why Stretching is Vital

Stretching is an extremely vital piece to an effective workout. Think of properly stretching your body as the cherry on a sundae. Without the cherry and the stretching, neither your sundae nor your workout would be complete. Dynamic stretching pre-workout and full body post is an ideal combination. Dynamic stretching before a workout for all […]

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Compound movements vs. Isolation movements:

The difference between the two is simple, compound movements target several different muscle groups while isolation movements focus directly on one muscle. Both types of movements are important for training, but its great to know the difference between the two.  Compound movements not only target more than one muscle but are also going to stimulate more […]

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Spinning, Now at Jada Blitz Training

Spinning is the new way to bike…because it’s an exercise you can do all year round and it’s a fun way to torch hundreds of calories in a quick hour class. Spinning is an indoor cycling, total-body workout for any fitness level. Classes are all at your own pace and you can change up your […]

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The Nutrient-Dense Superfood – Wheatgrass

Did you know that just 2 ounces of wheatgrass is equivalent to 5 pounds of fresh vegetables? That’s more than the USDA’s daily recommended dose of vegetables! Now don’t close this article just yet, because we’re talking about grass. This stuff is so healthy for you and its appearance and earth-like flavor should outweigh its […]

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April Specials

Membership Specials Upgraded Membership Only $29.99 Includes all group classes (regularly $39.99) with 12 month contract. Personal Training Specials Semi-private Training Only $15 With purchase of 24 sessions. Session sizes usually range between 2-4 Members.

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April Fools Day

April 1 is the only day of the entire year where you have the utmost permission to play innocent jokes on your friends and family…and get away with it. While there are some who can’t stand April Fools Day because they always get it GOOD, and others who literally count down the days until they […]

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The Importance of The Functional Movement

Have you heard of the expression “fundamentals first?” All top-level coaches, professionals, and experts advocate the simplistic approach of having the fundamentals before anything else. One of the challenges today is that many of us want progress to the next level without having our fundamentals down first. This is a problem. In regards to exercise, this is […]

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*Client of the Week*

Client of the Week


This week, Jada Blitz recognizes one of our Spring Competitors as our Client of the Week. Congratulations to Dan Kendziora! Here is a little bit about Dan’s amazing journey and transformation My journey at Jada Blitz started in July 2015. I came into the gym overweight with bad knees, a bad back, and multiple sclerosis […]

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