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Dope Motivation

Motivation: the willingness to do something; a goal driven behavior and effort to achieve things of great importance. Sounds awesome and inspiring doesn’t it? So what happens when finding the willingness becomes the most distressing experience and causes you to suddenly fall off the wagon? If you’re anything like me, you’re human, and being human […]

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Counting Macros Vs. Intuitive Eating

Comparing Philosophies: IIFYM & The Intuitive Eating Approach I feel like everytime I visit a website that is related to eating, fitness, health, or wellness, I come across an ad attempting to suck me into the next up-and-coming diet trend that has everyone raving. I’m going to assume, on behalf of all my readers, that […]

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Stop Riding the Healthy-Unhealthy Lifestyle Teeter Totter

Learning To Find Your Balance : Getting Some Insight On Exercise & Nutrition If you are a local to the Buffalo region, chances are you have heard or read about the newest face of indoor cycling, Rebel Ride. A heart pounding and mesmerizing experience that welcomes beat heavy music in a gratifying atmosphere that tantalizes […]

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10 Health Hacks for Busy Bodies

We found the sneakiest ways to look great, feel great and get happy in spite of your crowded schedule. “You have to work at being healthy,” people tell you—mostly people who don’t have to, it seems. “You have to commit to it,” they say—mostly people who appear to have plenty of time on their hands. […]

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Steady State vs. Interval Training: Which One Is Best For You

Which of the following is a more effective strategy for traveling from one place to another in the shortest period of time: (1) adding miles to your trip by driving the back streets of a city to avoid traffic jams; or (2) taking the shortest, most direct route even if it means sitting on a […]

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This past weekend I had some time to reflect on my fitness career and everything that lead me to where I am now with Jada Blitz Training. “Your challenges, if you let them, will become your greatest allies. Mountains can crush or raise you, depending on which side of the mountain you choose to stand […]

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The Power of Protein

If you’ve ever visited a vitamin store, taken a jaunt down the supplement aisle at the grocery store, or even browsed online, you have probably experienced the overwhelming feels that come with choosing a protein powder. You go in with one intention and are quickly shaken down by the daunting task of trying to decipher […]

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My Top 7 Essential Supplements for Any Gym-Goer

I tried to start this blog half a dozen times only to realize there is no way to put together an awesome introduction without over complicating my point. So, here I go, plain and simple. If you think going to the gym and eating right is enough to make you healthy, you are wrong. Creating […]

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How often do you train to failure?

There are a few things you should know about this training method. We’ll start with the obvious: bench pressing until you’ve hit a point where you can barely get the bar back up off your chest—and you’re not maxing out—will certainly help you spur muscle growth. While this statement is true, reaching a point of […]

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*Client of the Week*

Client of the Week – Susie

Working with a personal trainer has been a game changer for me. I have learned so much about my body and feel much more confident walking into the gym knowing how to use the equipment and get a good workout in. And I love that the personal training at Jada is exactly that; it’s personal! […]

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