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Five Reasons Why Carbohydrates are Important

There are a lot of people out there who are terrified of consuming carbohydrates because they think it leads to weight gain. However, that is not the case if the right carbs are eaten at proper times throughout the day and are paired with proper exercise. Carbohydrates are found in most foods, so if you […]

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Four Exercises to Improve Posture

As a massage therapist, one of the main concerns that i typically address with clients is lower back pain and tight, knotted shoulders.  This is no surprise, since the average American spends around 13 hours sitting at a desk, with a concave chest and rounded shoulders.  This habitual poor posture can actually alter the length […]

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Do You Even TRX Bro?

Have you ever seen those bright yellow and black straps dangling to the floor at the back corner of The Blitz? As a qualified TRX instructor, I can confidently say that those straps aren’t just straps…they are a multifunctional, core scorching, total body sculpting tool that so many don’t know how to utilize properly to […]

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Outdoor Fitness Ideas

As the weather finally starts to warm up, it’s time to get back outside to change up your workout. While it’s still important to maintain a consistent weight training schedule, there are lots of outdoor activities you can do to rev up your heartrate on family days or even if you’re out on vacation and […]

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Training Your Mind and Body

2016 was undoubtedly one of the hardest years of my life, but the struggles I faced during this time lead me to discover the greatest thing of all…myself. In May 2016, on my way to work, I was in a t-bone collision with another driver that totaled my car and started me on a path […]

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Running Injuries

Now that spring is finally in full swing in Buffalo, it is time for many of us to get our workouts in outside and enjoy the fresh air. The convenience of running allows us to grab a pair of shoes and hit the pavement at any time, while enjoying the wonderful fresh air and sunshine. […]

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Tips to Working Out Longer and Harder

It’s no doubt that working out and committing to a fitness goal, whether that be losing weight or toning for a competition, takes extreme dedication, lots of hard work and many, many hours at the gym. Throughout your journey, there will undoubtedly be days where all your body wants to do is lay in bed […]

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Trainer Tips – Battle Ropes

Adam and Steph discuss and demonstrate the battle ropes. Battle ropes offer full body strength training as well as cardio. They’re especially great for targeting your core and upper body, since those are your primary movers in battle rope training.

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Ins and Outs of Foam Rolling

Foam rolling can be considered the key to a healthy body for so many reasons. Whether you’re a runner, a biker, a weight-lifter, a yogi or even not a huge fitness enthusiast— you should still break out the foam roller after your workout session to help prevent injury and speed up recovery time, break up […]

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*Client of the Week*

Client of the Week – Louie Perez

I started training in December with Dan at Jada Blitz and haven’t looked back since. I was around 165 lbs, smoking every day and just hated where I was at physically. I always wanted to look good but never really had a game plan, I just lifted as much as I could and ate a […]

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