Want to know where the pros hang out? Tomorrow @anyaells will be appearing for a special photo shoot with @zuchphotography at @jadablitztraining tomorrow morning. @anyaells is a nationally ranked bikini competitor, fitness model, and inspiration in the industry! Be sure to check out her page and check us out at @jadablitztraining! ... See MoreSee Less

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Jada Blitz Training's very own Strength and Conditioning Coach, Nick Mancuso, on Hastag Sports Last Night! Check it out!

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  • Mid Week Abs

    Criss Cross Mountain Climber For this workout you are going to start in a plank position from your hands with your feet shoulder width apart. The next step you’re going to bring your right hand and left foot together underneath your body and touch them together. Next you will do the same thing with your other […]

    *Mid Week Recipe*

    This is a SUPER SWEET cheat… SWEET POTATO BROWNIES Ingredients:   – 2 large sweet potatoes, skin removed -1/2 cup quinoa flour or oat flour -1 zucchini, grated -1/2 cup cocoa powder -1-1/2 tsp baking powder -2 eggs -3 egg whites -1/3 cup raw organic honey Directions:   -Preheat oven to 415F -Bake potatoes for […]

    Mid Week Abs

    Todays abdominal workout is called the U-Boat. Start by laying flat on your back; place your elbows behind you at a 90 degree angle. (This will cause you to raise both shoulders/as well as your upper back off the ground). Elevate both feet approximately 5 inches from the ground, and then tuck your knees in towards […]

  • Ab workout of the day

    For today’s ab workout you’re going to start by laying flat on your back. Next you are going to raise your legs up so your feet are right about your hips, your body should now be in a right angle. For the next step you’re going to raise your arms up so your hands are […]

    Workout of The Day

    Bored of your normal routine? Try this sample workout tomorrow to add variety into your lifts. Abs: Flutter kicks-25 Toe Touches- 50 Side plank- 2x each side, 15 seconds Plank on a physioball- 30 seconds Russian Twists- 50 Plyos: Single leg Step jumps- 1x each leg, 10 reps *keep quick contact off the ground* Max […]

    Thursday Night Meals- Check Out These Awesome Salad Recipes!

    10 Post Workout Salad Recipies Looking for a new way to spice up your salad recipes? Give one a try! Salad’s are a phenomenal way to provide your body with essential nutrients, and maintain a lean physique. Enjoy! -The Blitz Fam


  • Grand Opening Boot Camp at the Blitz

    Grand Opening Boot Camp at the Blitz

    We will be holding a Bootcamp class welcome to the public on Saturday, October 4th at 9:30am! Please feel free to check us out! We will have a prize drawing for some lucky winners too! Memberships will be available for purchase.

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  • Interested in Personal Training?

    Interested in Personal Training?

    Please review the waiver form and complete your fitness assessment here.

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  • The New Jadablitz Facility is now open

    The New Jadablitz Facility is now open

    Key features of the new Jadablitz facility:

    • 24ft mounted wall rig – This will/can be used for TRX, cross-fit style workouts, squats, pull-ups, and much more!
    • Complete dumbbell rack – full dumbbell rack that go up to 150 lbs!
    • New state-of-the-art equipment - Professional squat racks, adjustable & seated workout benches to accommodate any exercise you want to do!
    • Modern Lounge Area – you won’t feel uncomfortable asking any of our professionals about any diet, nutritional, and training advice
    • 4 Huge HDTV’s
    • Upstairs exercise studio – feel the energy of doing yoga, zumba, or any other one of our body fit classes
    • And much more!


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Underneath Photo
Underneath Photo

Take a look at our videos & appraise the work done by our proffesional team It might be that starting with tomorrow you will want to visit us

  • The New Jadablitz Training Facility