Living a balanced lifestyle

“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.” ~Thomas Merton A lot you read and hear is about leading a balanced life. What does that mean? And how does one achieve such a thing? In a day and age when we are over stimulated, overcommitted, and all striving for […]

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The Benefits of Coconut Oil – A Superfood with Superpowers

Coconut oil is one of the few foods that can actually be classified as a superfood. There is such a hype surrounding the product that it really makes you wonder what the sudden ubiquitousness of this tropical plant is all about. It contains a unique combination of fatty acids with powerful medicinal properties Coconut oil […]

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Reduce the Stress of Eating on the Road

Traveling is always an awesome thing to do in life. It offers you new experiences, opportunities to witness different cultures, foods, meet new people, and so many other fun things. But if you’re in the fitness industry or lifestyle, somehow it becomes one of the most stressful things as well. How can something so awesome, become such […]

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Canned Chicken Parmesan Balls

Here’s a recipe we just tried and it’s mmm-good! When money is tight, the next best thing after the “chicken of the sea” is actual shredded chicken from a can. We’re going to transform these into something like a sort of balled-up chicken parmesan. They’re easy and scrumptious, and they’re even better if you top […]

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Is it safe to lift weights during pregnancy?

Yes, if you stay within certain limits and your healthcare provider gives you the go-ahead. Weight training is a great way to stay fit during pregnancy, and it provides benefits after childbirth as well. Just keep in mind that your fitness goals should now be geared toward maintenance and not dramatic gains. I’d suggest a […]

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Deadlifting Competition June 13th 2015

Two of Jada Blitz’s own, Cynthia Winnie and Russell Wayne, recently competed at the Dead Dunk Pig 2 Deadlifting Meet on June 13th at Woodlawn Beach. Russell Wayne, a personal trainer at Jada Blitz, and Cynthia Winnie, a client at Jada Blitz, not only competed but excelled and brought home the hardware at this event. […]

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*Client of the Week*

Client of the Week

Nate client of the week

This weeks shout out goes to Nate Hammer. Here is a little bit about Nate’s fitness journey 1.) Describe your fitness journey at Jada Blitz. I’ve had a dream of getting on stage and competing in bodybuilding since high school. A friend of mind introduced me to Justin about 2 years ago. I knew Jada […]

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