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Special Announcement: Team Blitz Partnering Up with Ellicott Square Fitness Located in Downtown Buffalo

With 2018 just around the corner, our team is extremely excited to announce that we have partnered up with Ellicott Square Fitness conveniently located in side the Ellicott Square Building in Downtown Buffalo. Our very own trainers, Aubree, Danielle, Dan and Sam, will be offering premiere personal training services throughout the week. If you frequently […]

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Structured Training is a No-Brainer

Since the start of my own bodybuilding journey, I have encountered the same questions again and again: Aubs, how many times a week do you train? Don’t you get bored doing the same thing over and over again? Why doesn’t your body acclimate and stop progressing? My answers never change: I train six days a […]

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How often should I adjust my macros?

More times than not I find that people have the mindset that their macros should be changed on a weekly basis, but there is more to it than just increasing or decreasing your carbs/proteins/fats. I suggest before anything, that you establish what your goals are and have a clear vision of why you are tracking […]

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Paws in the Park Walk – UPDATE

We recently received a wonderful letter from our friends at the SPCA regarding Paws in the Park Walk and wanted to share it with everyoone. Thank you to all who participated and helped. ——– I hope that you had a fantastic Thanksgiving! It’s hard to believe that the SPCA’s Paws in the Park Walk was […]

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Trainer Feature: Gaige Hoot

In July of 2016 I joined the Jada Blitz team working as a front desk associate. In March of 2017 I started as a personal trainer at the Blitz. A fun fact about me is that I once was a personal training client at Jada Blitz. One of the most important fit tips I can […]

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What should I look for when choosing a personal trainer or coach?

When looking into signing up with a personal trainer, your first and top priority should be to do yourself due diligence in assuring that you’re choosing the right personal trainer for you. First, look at their credentials. All trainers should have a certification in their field. This guarantees that they have met certain standards of […]

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Lifting the curse: Understanding the female body and weight training

Of all the things I learned during grade school, I certainly didn’t think all those awkward health classes and “girl only” discussions would eventually lead me to a more in-depth understanding of my body and the internal changes that occur over the course of four weeks every month. As a female weight lifter, I can […]

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What We’re Thankful For

It’s been a great year at Jada Blitz Training. From the announcement of our sister meal preparation company, Balanced Body Foods, in January—which has really hit the ground running—to the celebration of three years in our home on Transit Road to of course all of YOU who come out to train and change your lives […]

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Importance of Stretching

Our bodies crave proper balance and flexibility, but most of us leave little time before and after a workout to actually help our bodies recover properly. We’re talking about the importance of stretching. And stretching is not just for runners or other cardio fanatics, it can greatly improve lifting ability, posture and overall performance. Stretching […]

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*Client of the Week*

Client of the Week – Asher

My fitness journey began at a young age with travel and then eventually college hockey. Once the endless practices and training sessions were over like many people fitness was no longer a priority even though it should be. I had known Adam for a few years through a mutual friend and always spoke about getting […]

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