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  • Looking for a new pre-workout or BCAAs to try. Jada Blitz Training is a proud retailer of Morphogen Nutrition products - come check out the new spot and sample Alphagen and Synthegen. Get after it.

    Looking for a new pre workout or BCAAs?

    Jada Blitz Training is a proud retailer of Morphogen Nutrition products – come check out the new spot and sample Alphagen and Synthegen. Get after it.


    Marty Derkovitz at the Olympus

    In 3 shows, I have a 1st place, 2nd and 4th in my rookie season. Time for an offseason now. ‪#‎jadablitztraining‬ is a life changing experience.


    Most effective method to burn calories

    The best way to burn calories is weight training, which burns anywhere from 20-28 calories per minute!


    Rich Hiliker’s Contest Prep

    Team Jadablitz’s Rich Hiliker talks about his NMA contest preparation

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    Jadablitz is Growing, FAST!

    For those of you unfamiliar with what or who Jadablitz is let’s just review where it all started When Justin began personal training and he instantly realized it was his calling. He quickly built a strong reputation not only as a one-on-one trainer, but also as a preparation coach and mentor. In 2012, Justin decided […]


    Strawberry Deliciousness Protein Shake

    How To Cook Healthy Food. Oh, would I could describe these conceptions

Team Jadablitz

  • Adam

    Adam Gutierrez

     Now that I have the opportunity to train others, I make it a priority to appreciate that everyone has their own story.

  • Philip

    Philip Carcaci

    Stability or motion control shoes should be avoided in favour of a neutral trainer with plenty of cushioning.

  • Stephanie

    Stephanie Spzila

    Commitment and willingness to push your boundaries and to challenge what you know is achievable are key elements to success

  • Mike

    Mike Davis

    Hard work. Dedication. Two tools that I feel are the essential building blocks to success.

  • Russell

    Russell Wayne

    With the drive, determination and the right guidance, there is no goal that is unreachable.

  • Justin

    Justin Draper

    I began personal training in 2006 and instantly knew it was my calling.

  • Ashley

    Ashley Twarozek

    "Justin’s fully vested in your success and pushes even the most avid and knowledgeable fitness buff to levels they thought were unattainable."

  • Brett

    Brett Lanham

    As a trainer I strive to help teach, develop, motivate, and drive clients to reach their personal goals.

  • Vanessa

    Vanessa Pagan

    It then hit me that this is my calling in life; to help others reach their own personal fitness goals, build stronger mentalities, and live healthier lifestyles.

  • Nick

    Nick Mancuso

    “Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.” -George Addair

  • Kristen

    Kristen Kaminski

    "The man who thinks he can and the man who thinks he can't are both right. Which one are you?" -Henry Ford

  • Nate

    Nate Hirsch

    Knowledgable in all areas of fitness and passionate about helping people discover their true potential and reach their goals.

  • Jacob

    Jacob Bonano

    If pain is weakness leaving the body, then my goal is to send your weakness in full retreat. Expect pain and expect to crave it…Expect results.

  • Tara

    Tara Beck

    Ultimately, my main goal at Jada Blitz will be to show by example how to find strength within oneself to accomplish goals never thought possible.

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Underneath Photo

  • The New Jadablitz Training Facility


  • Grand Opening Boot Camp at the Blitz

    Grand Opening Boot Camp at the Blitz

    We will be holding a Bootcamp class welcome to the public on Saturday, October 4th at 9:30am! Please feel free to check us out! We will have a prize drawing for some lucky winners too! Memberships will be available for purchase.

    Read More
  • Interested in Personal Training?

    Interested in Personal Training?

    Please review the waiver form and complete your fitness assessment here.

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  • The New Jadablitz Facility is now open

    The New Jadablitz Facility is now open

    Key features of the new Jadablitz facility:

    • 24ft mounted wall rig – This will/can be used for TRX, cross-fit style workouts, squats, pull-ups, and much more!
    • Complete dumbbell rack – full dumbbell rack that go up to 150 lbs!
    • New state-of-the-art equipment - Professional squat racks, adjustable & seated workout benches to accommodate any exercise you want to do!
    • Modern Lounge Area – you won’t feel uncomfortable asking any of our professionals about any diet, nutritional, and training advice
    • 4 Huge HDTV’s
    • Upstairs exercise studio – feel the energy of doing yoga, zumba, or any other one of our body fit classes
    • And much more!


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