Meet Stephanie Szpila – Personal Trainer

WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO BE A PERSONAL TRAINER? Seven years ago, I found myself diligently at the gym every day between going to grad school and working full time in a hospital. While I was going to school for teaching, I immediately felt that I was living my passion when I began training clients for […]

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Social Media Fitness Comparison – The Good, The Bad, The Truth

By: Stephanie Szpila*  Between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the loads of social media sites, we are bombarded with images and messages that aim to influence us on a daily basis. From the selfies of beautiful women, to pictures of daily meal selections, and video posts showing off the latest personal best bench press, it is […]

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Yoga with Amanda Muldoon

Amanda Muldoon loves being active, whether by training for a marathon, taking her two pups for a hike, or exploring her bodies’ capabilities through her yoga practice. She has been taking classes for 10 years and teaching for three. Yoga has given her the focus and determination to continue growing on a daily basis through […]

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Benefits of Yoga in Your Fitness Regimen

Putting yoga training into your fitness regimen can have enormous benefits. Although there are many different styles of yoga practice, yoga can overall help strengthen and stretch your body uniformly. Yoga exercises, meditation, and postures also improve your strength, balance, overall flexibility – all which will help your weight loss of fitness regimen. THE PHYSICAL […]

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Meet Adam Gutierrez – Personal Trainer

What inspired you to become a personal trainer? The opportunity to be able to help people. Working with people every day in helping them achieve their goals is something that makes me feel great. I know my clients are counting on me to give them my all. Who is your biggest influence and why? My […]

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Meet Justin Draper – Personal Trainer

Where did you get certified as a Personal Trainer? Following graduating Buffalo State College with a major in Business Management and a minor in Health and Wellness I knew I wanted to pursue my passion in the fitness industry. Soon thereafter, I received my certification in personal training from ISSA. What inspired you to become […]

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*Client of the Week*

Client of the Week

Donny client of week

Big shout out this week goes to Kenneth Mazurkiewicz! 1)Describe your ongoing fitness journey? Fitness Journey started when I played lacrosse in high school at 178 pounds back in 2013. From there I took working out seriously and went up to 213 pounds in December of 2014. I was more bulky and wanted to lean […]

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