Pint-Sized Nutrient Powerhouses

The word “superfood” is popping up everywhere, from health magazines to trending hashtags on Twitter. Okay hemp, chia and flax seeds have yet to actually make their way to the top of the social media world, but these powerhouses are on the right path. Whether you’re a body builder or a cardio-junkie, you don’t want […]

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Justin’s Corner: How much protein does a person need?

Many of us have heard the importance of eating protein and getting a certain amount each day. But how much should we be eating? First, let’s look at the role that protein plays in the body. Protein does more in your body then just build strong muscles. Proteins can be found in every cell and […]

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Justin’s Corner – My Favorite Restaurant

I would say that my favorite Buffalo restaurant is Fuji Grill. I love my sushi. It is a weekly tradition for my wife Ashley and I. For me, sushi is satisfying, delicious and also allows me to enjoy eating out when I am in prep for a competition or in a cut. I typically will […]

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Sick of Fruits and Veggies

Who doesn’t get bored of the same old snack(s), day after day? We all do at some point. Here are a few snack ideas to keep you satisfied, focused and on-top of your game to ensure you’re putting your best foot forward at work and in your workout routine. Eggs Hardboiled eggs are extremely filling, […]

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5 Key Benefits of a Personal Trainer

Do I believe there are benefits to working out one-on-one with a personal trainer? I wouldn’t be doing this profession I love if I really didn’t believe in what I was doing. If I didn’t think that my services could completely transform another human being’s life, then I would stop providing them to people. I’ve seen […]

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Go for the Gold – Motivation is the key to success

As you watch the Olympics, do you ever stop and wonder what motivates these athletes to workout so intensely everyday? Motivation is the key to success. Motivation drives us to want to look better, feel better and ultimately live better. However, it’s not uncommon to lose motivation from time to time. This can happen for […]

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60 Minutes of Teamwork, Intensity, and Fun

If you’re looking for an intense, full-body, goal-crushing workout, Operation Bootcamp is your class. Operation Bootcamp not only incorporates elements from the military,but also teamwork and encouragement, making it a powerful workout that builds strength, improves agility and ultimately forces you to test your limits. Each class is unique; you’ll never mimic the class you […]

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Cardio vs Weight Training

A frequent question that is asked is, “How many days of cardio vs weight training should one do in order to lose weight?” This is not a one size fits all answer. The balance between cardio versus weight training needed to lose weight depends on various factors. When the goal is to lose weight, the primary […]

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The Importance of Rest

We all know how nice taking a day off from work feels, but does your body know what a day off from the gym feels like? Resting is an important part of a healthy gym regimen. Without giving your body at least a day to recover from intense aerobic and anaerobic activity, the chance of […]

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*Client of the Week*

Client of the Week – Lauren Shagla-McKotch

Client of the Week Personal Trainer

It was in January of this year that I found Jada Blitz. I had gained ten pounds back out of the sixty-five I had lost over the last year and a half, I was struggling with my nutrition, and I felt I had hit a plateau in my training. I had no idea when I […]

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